Meeting Title: 21st IUPAB Congress 2024 (IUPAB2024), Date: June 24 (Mon) – 28 (Fri),Venue: ICC Kyoto(Kyoto International Conference Center)



BP Seminars (Luncheon Seminars)

There is a limited number of lunch tickets.
Please be sure to register to secure a lunch box.
You may register to only one BP Seminar per day.

Registration for BP Seminars will close on June 10th (Mon), 11:59 am JST.

Stamp Rally

Stamp rally will be held in the Exhibition Hall.
There will be prizes for those who visit a number of booths.
We will be looking forward to your participation.
(Details will be posted soon.)


  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Silver

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  • Bronze

    Carl Zeiss, Co. Ltd.
  • Bronze

    Avanti Polar Lipids
  • 東洋紡株式会社

Sponsored Seminars (Tue. 25 June)

Session No. Session Name Sponsor (s) Venue (seats) Time
MS1 Morning Senimar 1 Avanti Polar Lipids Room A (722) 8:00-8:50
BP1 BP Seminar 1 JEOL Ltd. Room A (722) 12:35-13:35
BP2 BP Seminar 2 Carl Zeiss Co. Ltd. Room B-1 (287) 12:35-13:35
BP3 BP Seminar 3 Leica Microsystems K.K. Room B-2 (161) 12:35-13:35
BP4 BP Seminar 4 SIGMAKOKI CO., LTD. Room D (240) 12:35-13:35
BP5 BP Seminar 5 Nakatani Foundation for Advancement of Measuring Technologies in Biomedical Engineering Room C-2 (130) 12:35-13:35
BP6 BP Seminar 6 On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd Room E (237) 12:35-13:35
SS1 Sponsored Symposium 1 Physics and Mechanobiology in Cellular and Extracellular Systems Room D (240) 16:00-18:20

Sponsored Seminars (Wed. 26 June)

Session No. Session Name Sponsor (s) Venue (seats) Time
MS2 Morning Senimar 2 GeneFrontier Room A (722) 8:00-8:50
BP7 BP Seminar 7 Refeyn Room A (722) 12:35-13:35
BP8 BP Seminar 8 HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS K.K. Room B-1 (287) 12:35-13:35
BP9 BP Seminar 9 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Room D (240) 12:35-13:35
BP10 BP Seminar 10 Digital Bioassay Laboratory, The University of Tokyo and TOPPAN Holdings Inc. Room E (237) 12:35-13:35

Sponsored Seminars (Thu. 27 June)

Session No. Session Name Sponsor (s) Venue (seats) Time
MS3 Morning Senimar 3 Avanti Polar Lipids Room A (722) 8:00-8:50
BP11 BP Seminar 11 Nikon Solutions Room A (722) 12:35-13:35
BP12 BP Seminar 12 Refeyn Room B-1 (287) 12:35-13:35
BP13 BP Seminar 13 Evident Room D (240) 12:35-13:35
BP14 BP Seminar 14 Twist Bioscience Corporation Room E (237) 12:35-13:35
SS2 Sponsored Symposium 2 JST PRESTO, Dynamic supra-assembly of biomolecular systems Room A (722) 16:00-18:20

Sponsored Seminars (Fri. 28 June)

Session No. Session Name Sponsor (s) Venue (seats) Time
BP11 BP Seminar 15 The Biophysical Society of Japan & Room A (722) 12:35-13:35
BP12 BP Seminar 16 Nagoya Institute of Technology & SHIMADZU CORPORATION Room B-2 (161) 12:35-13:35

Sponsorship & Exhibition Details

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