Presentation Guidelines
for Speaker

The JSA/WAO Joint Congress 2020 will be held in online format. Presentations will not be conducted in session format but rather be available for on-demand access for a month from Sept. 17. In line with this, we are asking all presenters to please submit their presentation data in advance. Information on slide formatting can be found below.

  • On-demand access – available from September 17 to October 20, 2020.
  • PowerPoint presentation data with accompanying narration for all Plenary Lectures, Symposiums, Educational Lectures, Mini Symposiums, Poster Sessions, and Poster Presentations will be available for viewing.
  • For presenters of Poster Sessions
    Please submit your presentation data using multiple PowerPoint slides with accompanying narration not a single large poster.

Request for uploading slide data

Data Submission Deadline

August 31st, 23:59(JST)

  • * If you are unable to meet this deadline, please contact the secretariat in advance at
  • * Please note that any updates or presentation data reuploaded after September 1st will not be reflected in your final presentation.

Submitting Data

  • Presenters will receive by email the URL of the data submission website, a login ID, and password. Please log into the site using this information.
  • Login IDs and passwords will be different for each presentation. Please keep this in mind when registering data for multiple presentations.
  • Submissions may be edited and re-uploaded at any time during the submission period.
  • Note that edits or resubmissions can’t be accepted once the submission period closes.
  • We anticipate heavy server traffic in the final days leading up to the submission deadline. We ask that you keep this in mind and register your data as early as possible.
  • If your slides contain videos, please check to confirm that all videos can be played successfully with no error before submitting your final data.
  • By submitting your presentation data, you are consenting for the presentation to be posted for streaming online. Please ensure all contents of your presentation are suitable and appropriate for web distribution.
  • Participants will not be able to download presentation data during the duration of the congress sessions.

Slide Guidelines

  • Formatting and Size:mp4, up to 2GB
    • * Please ensure narration is included in the PowerPoint presentation recording and export it to a video file before submitting.
    • * If you are unable to save your data as mp4, please inform to the congress secretariat in advance and you may submit your PowerPoint in .ppt then we will format it to mp4 on your behalf.
    • * There is no limit to the number of PowerPoint slides
  • Side Ratio : 16:9 (recommended)
    • * Slides formatted in 4:3 ratio will be streamed in letterbox format with black bands on the left and right sides of the slides.
    • * Please prepare your presentation data using multiple PowerPoint slides with accompanying narration as well as for Poster Sessions.
  • Do not password protect your data.

Presentation Recording Time

Plenary Lecture / Symposium / Educational Lecture (Japanese):up to 30 minutes
Mini Symposium:up to 10 minutes
Poster Session(English/Japanese):up to 5 minutes

Presentation Language

Plenary Lecture / Symposium / Mini Symposium / Poster Session (English):English
Educational Lecture / Poster Session (Japanese):Japanese

Conflict of Interest(COI)Disclosure

Presenters should disclose any conflict of interest on either the cover slide or the slide immediately after.
Please use the slide template for COI slides. In the case that you are unable to use the slide, please manually create the slide in PowerPoint and include it as the second slide of your presentation.


Please send any inquiries regarding presentation data submission to