Accepted Regular Abstracts

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Taking into account the change to hybrid format due to COVID-19 pandemic, most of the accepted regular abstract sessions will be pre-recorded and streamed on-demand. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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1. ACS/AMI (basic)
2. ACS/AMI (clinical/diagnosis)
3. ACS/AMI (clinical/pathophysiology)
4. ACS/AMI (clinical/treatment)
5. Angina pectoris (clinical)
6. Arrhythmia, others (basic)
7. Arrhythmia, others (clinical/diagnosis/treatment)
8. Arrhythmia, others (clinical/pathophysiology)
9. Atherosclerosis (basic)
10. Atherosclerosis (clinical/diagnosis)
11. Atherosclerosis (clinical/pathophysiology)
12. Atherosclerosis (clinical/treatment)
13. Artificial intelligence(AI)
14. Atrial/Supraventricular arrhythmia (basic)
15. Atrial/Supraventricular arrhythmia (clinical/diagnosis)
16. Atrial/Supraventricular arrhythmia (clinical/pathophysiology)
17. Atrial/Supraventricular arrhythmia (clinical/treatment)
18. Autonomic nervous system
19. Cardiac arrest/Resuscitation
20. Cardiac function (basic/clinical)
21. Cardiomyopathy/Hypertrophy (basic)
22. Cardiomyopathy/Hypertrophy (clinical)
23. Cardio-Oncology
24. Cardiopulmonary and critical care/ACLS
25. Cardiovascular pharmacology (basic)
26. Cardiovascular pharmacology (clinical)
27. Cardiovascular surgery/CABG
28. Cerebrovascular circulation/Stroke
29. Congenital heart disease/Kawasaki’s disease
30. Coronary circulation/Chronic coronary disease (basic/clinical)
31. Coronary revascularization/PCI (complex lesions)
32. Coronary revascularization/PCI (DES)
33. Coronary revascularization/PCI (new devices/new technology)
34. Coronary revascularization/PCI (restenosis/others)
35. Cost-health care system/DPC/Laws
37. CT/MRI (coronary/vascular)
38. CT/MRI (myocardium)
39. CT/MRI (new technology)
40. Diabetes
41. ECG/Body surface potential mapping/Holter
42. Echo/Doppler (cardiac function)
43. Echo/Doppler (coronary/peripheral/vascular)
44. Echo/Doppler (myocardium)
45. Echo/Doppler (new technology)
46. Echo/Doppler (structural heart disease)
47. Echo/Doppler (others)
48. Exercise test/Cardiac rehabilitation
49. Heart failure (basic)
50. Heart failure (diagnosis)
51. Heart failure (laboratory/biomarkers)
52. Heart failure (non-pharmacology)
53. Heart failure (pathophysiology )
54. Heart failure (pharmacology)
55. Hypertension (basic)
56. Hypertension (clinical)
57. Infection/Inflammation/Immunity
58. Intravascular imagings
59. Kidney/Renal circulation/CKD
60. Lipid disorders
61. Metabolic syndrome
62. Molecular biology/Genetics/Myocardium/Vascular
63. Nuclear cardiology (coronary, myocardium)
64. Nuclear cardiology (others)
65. Nuclear cardiology (PET)
66. Obesity/SAS
67. Palliative care/Stress-psychosomatic medicine
68. Vascular biology
69. Vascular disease (therapy)
70. Preventive medicine/Epidemiology/Education
71. Pulmonary circulation
72. Regeneration (basic, clinical)
73. Secondary cardiomyopathy(Sarcoidosis/Amyloidosis/Myocarditis  etc
74. Shock
75. Smoking/Alcohol/Life style
76. Thromboembolism/Antithrombotic therapy/Thrombolysis 
77. Transplantation/LVAD
78. Valvular heart disease/Pericarditis/Cardiac tumor
79. Ventricular arrhythmia (basic/clinical/pathophysiology)

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