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Welcome to Kyoto

On behalf of all members of the Japan Atherosclerosis Society and the organizing committee of ISA2021, we are delighted to welcome all the delegates to Kyoto, Japan for the 19th International Symposium on Atherosclerosis (ISA2021), schedule to be held from October 24 to 27, 2021.

The theme for the ISA2021 is “Toward Healthy Aging through Atherosclerosis Science. ”
The symposium will be held at Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto), surrounded by a bountiful natural environment, including Mt. Hiei and Lake Takaragaike. Many of you may have great memories from the ISA symposium organized by JAS back in 2003 and we are thrilled to invite you back to this beautiful city. You may enjoy beautiful nature to appreciate the fresh air and bright colors, or after sessions, make a visit to some temples, shrines or authentic Japanese restaurants for cultural experience.
We sincerely hope that all participants to take advantage of being in Kyoto at this very best season.
Make sure to save the date, and we look forward to seeing you in Kyoto, October 2021!

  • Photo: Yasufumi Sato
    Sign: Yasufumi Sato
    Yasufumi Sato
    Co-Chair, ISA2021 Kyoto
  • Photo: Shizuya Yamashita
    Sign: Shizuya Yamashita
    Shizuya Yamashita
    Co-Chair, ISA2021 Kyoto

Welcome Video Messages

  • Prof. Raul Santos
    President, IAS
  • Prof. Yuji Matsuzawa
    Past President, IAS
  • Prof. Yasufumi Sato
    Co-Chair, ISA2021
  • Prof. Shizuya Yamashita
    Co-Chair, ISA2021
  • Prof. Masayuki Yoshida
    Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair, ISA2021
  • Welcome Message from Co-chairs, ISA2021
  • Prof. Yasufumi Sato and Prof. Shizuya Yamashita
    Co-Chairs, ISA2021
    Sep. 9, 2021 Updated!
  • Prof. Ken-ichi Hirata
    President of the Japan Atherosclerosis Society
    Sep. 9, 2021 Updated!
  • ISA2021 会長 山下 静也先生、佐藤 靖史先生
  • 日本動脈硬化学会 理事長 平田健一先生

Video Messages from Ambassador

  • Dr. Daisaku Masuda
    Rinku General Medical Center, Japan
  • Dr. Khalid Al Rasadi
    College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
  • Dr. Rodrigo Alonso
    Center for Advanced Metabolic Medicine and Nutrition, Chile
  • Dr. Italo Kumamoto
    Hospital Memorial São Francisco, Brazil
  • Prof. Erin Michos
    Department of Cardiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA