Michael S. Benninger, MD

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Phonosurgery (IAP) I am pleased to welcome you to our 16th meeting in the historic and beautiful city of Kyoto. We are all excited about what I am sure will be an intellectually stimulating and complete educational experience related to the study of the human voice and surgical management. Under the stewardship and direction of our Congress Chair, Shigeru Hirano, we will bring to you an unprecedented group of international speakers in an effort to present a contemporary and worldwide approach to voice science and care. The meeting is set in the backdrop of the natural beauty and unique cultural environment of Kyoto and we hope that you will enjoy not only the excellent education program but the social events, opportunities to connect with colleagues from many nations and enjoy the wonders of Kyoto and Japan.

The International Association of Phonosurgery was founded in 1990 with its first meeting in Belgrade, Yugoslavia with a Mission which “Gathers voice surgeons and scientists of related disciplines, devoted to promote better voice care around the world by means of organizing and supporting educational and training activities, and also by cooperating with different international entities in order to facilitate the access to state of the art technology and training in areas of the world in need of progress.” The name was changed from the original “Phonosurgeons” to ‘Phonosurgery” to better represent the multidisciplinary efforts surrounding the surgical management of laryngeal and voice disorders. The IAP formally meets biennially, and although at times we meet in association with another international voice meetings, the meeting in Kyoto will be an independent congress of the IAP. In addition to our formal biennial meetings, the IAP also supports numerous other international programs by providing content and speakers. This Congress in Kyoto will be the 16th meeting of the International Association of Phonosurgery.

I hope that you will join us, enjoy the Congress and take time to explore the wonders of the city of Kyoto and of Japan.

Michael S. Benninger, MD Michael S. Benninger, MD
President, International Association of Phonosurgery

Shigeru Hirano, MD, Ph

All stars assemble in Kyoto!

It is our great pleasure and honor to host the International Association of Phonosurgery (IAP) in Kyoto, 2022. This is the second time the IAP has been held in Japan, following the Congress in 1994 hosted by Professor Isshiki. As the Congress Chair, I have the great pleasure to invite you to participate in this Congress that will take place on October 13-14, 2022, in the city of Kyoto, Japan.

The IAP Congress has long been one of the leading meetings in phonosurgery with participation and contribution from world-known phonosurgeons, speech language pathologists and voice scientists. The Congress will include the critical and innovative topics in phonosurgery, from this multi-disciplinary, All-Star faculty. Our aim is to exchange the most contemporary knowledge and information and strengthen our unity of all participants in the care of the phonosurgical patient.

Kyoto is the old capital of Japan with a long history, culture, and tradition. I am sure that the Congress will inspire our enthusiasm for the Voice here in Kyoto.

Shigeru Hirano, MD, Ph Shigeru Hirano, MD, PhD
Congress Chair, The 16th meeting of the International Association of Phonosurgery