For Oral Moderators/Chairs

Please take the chairperson’s standby seat at least 15 minutes prior to your session.

For Oral Presenters

Presentation Time

Session Presentation Time
Keynote Lecture 30min
Symposium 12min (8min+Q&A 4min)
Free Paper 10min (7min+Q&A 3min)

*Please be sure to keep to the allotted presentation time in consideration of next presenter.
*Please arrive at your session room at least 15 minutes before the session begins.

Presentation File Format

Please prepare your presentation in 16:9 format (recommended).
It is recommended to use standard (OS default) fonts, such as Century Gothic, Courier, Times New Roman.
For the onsite presentation, MS PowerPoint 2016, 2019 versions are supported.

Data Preview

Place: West Building 2F, in front of Room 2
Opening Hour:

Date Time
October 13 (Thu) 7:30-17:00
October 14 (Fri) 7:30-15:30

All oral presenters are requested to check in your data at least 30 minutes before session starts.

  1. Please prepare your data in Microsoft PowerPoint(Windows PowerPoint2016~)and make sure to preview your presentation data.
  2. Remote presentation system is equipped in the session room. You have a TFT monitor, mouse and USB keyboard on the podium to operate your presentation.
  3. PowerPoint Presenter View cannot be used during the presentation. If you need a script for your presentation, please print it out and bring it with you to the venue. No printers are be available for note printing in the venue.

If you use the Secretariat’s PC

  1. Only USB flash memories and CD-R are accepted.
    *MOs, floppy disks, and CD-RWs cannot be accepted.
  2. Windows is the only operating system available for the presentations.
    *If you have prepared the presentation data on a Macintosh, you are requested to bring your own computer.
  3. Only Windows Media Player can be used to playback movie files.
  4. Your media should contain only the presentation data for the conference.
  5. Your presentation data file should be named as <Session Number > <Name> .ppt.
  6. If your presentation data is linked to other files (i.e. still or moving images, graphs, etc.), those linked files should also be saved in the same folder, and the links checked beforehand.

The Secretariat is responsible for destroying all copies of any data after the session.

If you bring your own PC

  1. Speakers using their own laptops MUST HAVE an AC adapter.
  2. Speakers using their own laptops MUST HAVE a VGA D-sub 15pin female output or HDMI. Some laptops require a particular video output cable to use the D-sub 15pin to connect to external monitors and data projectors. Please note that we are not equipped with that specific cable, and you must bring one in case it is needed.
  3. Please turn off the screen-saver and energy saving mode beforehand.
  4. You should have your data backed up in case of computer trouble.
  5. After checking your computer at the PC Reception Desk, please bring your PC to the operation desk in your session room. Please make sure to receive your laptop back from the operation desk after your presentation.
  6. Please make sure to check your laptop with anti-virus software before your submission to the PC Reception Desk.

For Poster Presenters

Place: TAKE-NO-MA, RAN-NO-MA, West Building 3F
Date: October 13(THU)
Poster Mounting: 8:00-14:00
Poster Viewing: 8:00-17:30
Discussion: 17:30-18:00
Dismantling: 18:00-18:30

* We expect presenters to be in front of their poster at designated time and discuss their poster with participants.

Instructions for Poster preparation

- Presentation number (H20cm × W20cm):
*Congress Secretariat will prepare and pre-set on each panel.

- A label (H20cm × W70cm):
Please prepare a label showing the title, affiliation, and the speaker's name.

- Recommended Posting Area Abstract body (H160cm × W90cm):
Please summarize your abstract within the size mentioned.