Convention Linkage, Inc.

is a group of professionals with unique and vast experiences to deliver outstanding success and satisfactions to our clients, through various meetings and events. Our client list includes public and private sectors, including governmental agencies and municipalities, enterprises and academic societies, and international organizations, such as the United Nations and its sub sectors, the European Union, and many other international entities. We are proud of being the No. 1 Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) in Japan, with over 1,000 professionals and specialists. Our staff keeps upgrading our quality of services by accommodating the state-of-the-art technologies and tools, and in delivering the best of service to our clients.

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Our Services

Six Major Groups of Our Services

The Services of Convention Linkage, Inc. are grouped into six categories as shown in the diagram below. All service segments are correlated to one another to increase our knowledge and skills and to accumulate useful resources, which are used to produce a "great success" to the organizer and a "great impression" to each participant.

Six Services

Our Facilities

Japan's Pioneer in Facility Management - from Convention Centers to Stadiums and more


Convention Linkage's facilities are equipped to support your Hybrid and Virtual conferences, exhibitions, entertainment events, and more.

Our Facilities