Services of Convention Linkage, Inc.

Six Major Groups of Our Services

Conventions, Exhibitions, and Events

Planning, Organization, Management, Publicity, and Secretarial duties

Conventions, exhibitions, and events are powerful means of media that allow us to contact and interact directly with people, information, and objects bringing values, interests, impacts and influences. Also, they are proved to be useful tool to share, among participants, not only the information, ideas, feelings of the current time but also the problems of the past. By exchanging the views and opinions of the present, and the future by exchanging views and opinions for the betterment of individuals and our society.

It is our commitment to provide a successful event it ultimately proves to be to the organizer and to present a great impression to each participant utilizing all our outstanding expert knowledge and resources. The reliable relationships between the organizer and us help to work together as a strong team and provide best efforts.

Types of events we handle (more than 1,500 events a year):

  • International Conferences, Academic Meetings, General Assemblies
  • Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Expositions
  • Incentive Meetings, Annual Meetings, Shareholders' Meetings, Memorial Ceremonies, Parties
  • Consultation for International/Domestic Conferences, Events


We serve services throughout all the four phases: (1) Planning, (2) Preparation, (3) Onsite Operation, and (4) Post-Event.

The planning phase is to create a basic concept, inviting (bidding), and surveying the basic structure of the organization, a financial plan, and a rough schedule are created. Necessary committees are also established. In the preparation phase, the secretariat initiates the operation to work with the organizer, committees, and potential participants. Announcement articles in forms of posters, leaflets, web pages, emails, etc. are made and distributed to the potential participants. The secretariat starts accepting (1) submissions/applications for the program, presentation, or exhibition and (2) applications for registration. All necessary preparations are made during this phase. At its final stage, installation, decoration, setting up, and adjustment of details together with on-site staff-training, operation simulation, rehearsals are conducted. In the onsite operation phase, the organizer operates several simultaneous activities: that include ceremonies, scientific and social programs, exhibitions, plenary, parallel sessions, parties, technical tours, language and document services. A 'congress' is such a composite series of events. While in the post-event phase, we finalize the event by collecting statistical data, sending letters of gratitude to the involved partners as well as writing a report of the event.


We refer and update the Three Basic Diagrams:
(1) Organization Chart
(2) Schedule (Timetable)
(3) Checklist
During each stage of an event. This method is useful not only for standardization but for overall quality control.

We always keep in mind and assess the following Four Topics:
(1) Budget -- The highest quality with the lowest cost (our most important motto),
(2) Protocol -- To respect and reserve tradition and classic things,
(3) Creativity -- To create fresh impacts,
(4) Risks -- To eliminate potential risks.

Our engineering and comprehensive approach as well as systematic methodology is the key to our success as well as the reason to gain such acclaim in a short time.

Applications: Conventions, Exhibitions, and Events

Conventions characterized by such words as international or domestic; academic, political, or private have similar functions with congresses, conferences, meetings, assemblies, forums. Exhibitions, trade shows, and expositions are especially effective in sales promotion, advertising, publicity, one-on-one sales, test marketing, and education due to its nature. Events vary wildly. They include traditional festivals, sports games like baseball matches, Olympics, and FIFA World Cup games, and cultural events like concerts, recitals, and variety entertainment.

Convention and Exhibition Facilities

Management, Planning and Marketing

Our successful engineering methodology in planning, preparing, and operating events have apparently been the seeds to expand our business to such new field as:
(1) Event Halls, Convention Halls, and Convention Facilities
(2) Theaters, Public Halls and Facilities
(3) Amusement Facilities
(4) Incubation Facilities

Our services for such facilities above include:
(1) To manage, maintain, and operate a facility and its equipment: reservations, regular maintenances, accounting, staffing, maintenances and revisions of fixtures and fittings, etc.
(2) Marketing and publicity activities for the facilities, and invitation of events
(3) To plan, produce, and promote original events
(4) To prepare, and operate various kinds of events including music, acts, story-tellings, and some other amusements, sports, etc.

Since we are the managers, planners, and marketers for the respective facilities, the synergistic effects are, in return, closely interconnected to our event management work. Currently, we originally plan and develop more than three hundred events every year. One greatest advantage is that we can provide all necessary human resources, such as convention/event producers, city planners, exhibition planners, etc. for the building up of business schemes, preparation, operation of all kinds of events as well as sales and promotion of events and facilities with competitive manners.

Language & Document Service

Interpretation, Translation, Editing and Production

Interpretation plays a great role in worldwide or multilingual communication. It is especially important for an international conference, thus assigning appropriate interpreters is done with special care.
(1) Conference interpretation is performed by Japan's top level interpreters with such experiences of G8 Summit, COP, APEC, leaders meetings, United Nations and other inter-governmental negotiations, etc.
(2) General interpretation varies from business meetings, interviews, inspections, to attending inspection tours, etc.
(3) Broadcast interpretation ranges over multiplex broadcasting, satellite broadcasting, and cable TVs.
(4) Interpretation between foreign languages is often conducted by the experts recommended by AIIC, the interpreters' international association, for such language pairs as English - French or English - Spanish.

Translation of written documents is one of our important services with a wide range of categories.
(1) Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, etc.
(2) Fields: Scientific, technical, industrial, commercial, legal documents, etc.
(3) Types of documents: Abstracts, reports, speeches, minutes, contracts, specifications, localization, etc.
Editing and Production work is done when the compilation of useful information or data in the form of brochures and materials becomes necessary.
Products are tailored to each respective event: logos, symbol marks, letterhead, leaflets, brochures, announcements (circulars), posters, books of abstracts and proceedings, official guidebooks, press kits, congress bags, name (ID) badges, gifts

Specialist & Staff Service

For events, office work, etc.

Conventions, Exhibitions, and Events: We coordinate experienced and capable staff from the planning and preparation stages to the actual operation and post-management.
(1) Clerks and staff for international conferences, exhibitions and events
(2) On-site directors, assistant directors
(3) Technical directors, art directors
(4) Announcers, narrators, interviewers
(5) PC operators, stenographers, staff for reception and parking, etc.

Business and International Communication: We coordinate the most suitable staff, grouped by level and languages, over a wide range of functions, from conference interpreters to computer operators.
(1) Conference interpreters, general interpreters, and guide interpreters
(2) Translators and bilingual secretaries
(3) Technical writers, editors
(4) PC operators, staff for tour guides, itinerary management, and meeting services
(5) Research and development, staff for editing, production, and publishing, etc.

Internet Services

NetConvention®, NetSecretariat & Call Center

NetConvention® is our expert services/applications of IT which include:
(1) Satellite transmission or web conferences (webinars)
(2) Websites linked to integrated systems & databases for organizers, committees, or events
(3) Online abstract submissions, reviewing, editing, program composition, registration with online payment.
(4) Online or web-marketing, SEO (search engine optimization)
(5) Use of the Internet tools or social media such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook
(6) Building up and maintaining multi-lingual mirror sites

NetSecretariatTM & Call Center is your cost cutter for real and virtual secretariat services
(1) Secretariats for academic associations, companies, foundations, corporations, consortiums
(2) Secretariats for organizing, steering, or several functional committees (e.g. program committee)
(3) Secretariats for registration, abstracts, general information, etc.
(4) Secretariats for seminars, promotion, marketing
(5) Secretariats for investigations, researches, or surveys
(6) Secretariats for editing, production, etc.

Online and IT applications

Smart Register Online English Proofreading System Flowchart
Automatic Ticket Vending Machine
Online English Abstract
Proofreading Service
Advanced, Unified, Internet System
for Abstract Submission, Reviewing, Registration, System Administration

Consultation for Conventions, conducted by our experienced professionals, include the following.

(1) Consultation for Convention, Exhibition, and Event Facilities
(2) Research and Consultation for Convention Cities and Urban Development
(3) Consultation for New Entries into Convention Fields, for Ventures, and Marketing

The services throughout all the four phases:
(1) Planning, (2) Preparation, (3) Onsite Operation, and (4) Post-Event.

Survey, Analysis, and Research in General:
Our fields of survey, analysis, and research vary wide. However, the majority of them are global, up-to-date or topical issues, and are consigned by the Japanese ministries, local governments, or government-affiliated bodies.

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