Chairperson's Message

ILLS Single Topic Conference in Kyoto 2024

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, minimally invasive liver surgery has significantly progressed in the past few years. Due to the direction indicated by the PAM consensus held in Tokyo in February 2021, more precise minimally invasive liver surgery is gradually being introduced in Japan. Preoperative simulation and intraoperative navigation using ICG enabled parenchymal-sparing limited anatomical liver resections, such as monosegmentectomy and subsegmentectomy. In addition, in Japan, robotic liver resection, which has been covered by insurance since April 2022, is increasing explosively.

This time, between the ILLS world congresses to be held in Rome in 2023 and Seoul in 2025, we will hold a conference focused on a single topic, Future Advances in Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery, as follows.

Central Theme: Future Advances in Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery

Day 1: Simulation and IR Navigation

Day 2: Robotic Liver Resection

Date: October 1 and 2, 2024

Venue: Hotel Granvia Kyoto

We invite experts in this field from all over the world and solicit mini-oral presentations from young liver surgeons who will lead the next generation. We would like to fully prepare for the hospitality of Kyoto. See you all in Kyoto in October 2024.

Co-Chairs: Go Wakabayashi, Etsuro Hatano

  • Ageo Central General Hospital

    Go Wakabayashi
  • Kyoto University

    Etsuro Hatano


Organizing Committee

Luca Antonio Maria Aldrighetti(Vita-Salute University - San Raffaele Hospital, Italy) Horacio J. Asbun(Miami Cancer Institute, Chief - Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgery, U.S.A.)
Daniel Cherqui(Paul Brousse Hospital  - Paris - Saclay University, France) David Geller(University of Pittsbergh, U.S.A.)
Paulo Herman(University of São Paulo Medical School, Brazil) Moh'd Abu Hilal(Istituto Ospedaliero Fondazione Poliambulanza, Italy)
Goro Honda(Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan) Osamu Itano(International University of Health and Welfare School of Medicine, Japan)
Hironori Kaneko(Toho University School of Medicine Department of Surgery, Japan) Hiroyuki Nitta(Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, Japan)
Yuichiro Otsuka(Toho University Faculty of Medicine, Japan) Minoru Tanabe(Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)
Chung Ngai Tang(Pedder Health, HKSAR) Catherine The(Makati Medical Center, Philippines)
Roberto Troisi(Federico 2nd University Hospital Naples, Italy) Tomoharu Yoshizumi(Kyushu University, Japan)

Local Organizing Committee

Takeshi Aoki(Showa University, Japan) Taku Aoki(Dokkyo Medical University, Japan)
Junichi Arita(Akita University, Japan) Hidetoshi Eguchi(Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine, Japan)
Susumu Eguchi(Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Japan) Itaru Endo(Yokohama City University, Japan)
Tsutomu Fujii(University of Toyama, Japan) Takumi Fukumoto(Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan)
Naoto Gotohda(National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japan) Kiyoshi Hasegawa(The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Suguru Hasegawa(Fukuoka University, Japan) Taizo Hibi(Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Japan)
Toru Hisaka(Kurume University, Japan) Toru Ikegami(The Jikei University School of Medicine, Japan)
Takeaki Ishizawa(Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan) Masaki Kaibori(Kansai Medical University, Japan)
Yutaro Kato(Fujita Health University, Japan) Shigeyuki Kawachi(Tokyo Medical University Hachioji Medical Center, Japan)
Yusuke Kumamoto(Kitasato University, Japan) Shigeru Marubashi(Fukushima Medical University, Japan)
Shugo Mizuno(Mie University, Japan) Zenichi Morise(Fujita Health University, School of Medicine, Japan)
Hiroaki Nagano(Graduate School of Medicine, Yamaguchi University, Japan) Atsushi Nanashima(University of Miyazaki, Japan)
Hideki Ohdan(Hiroshima University, Japan) Masayuki Ohtsuka(Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University, Japan)
Yukiyasu Okamura(Nihon University School of Medicine, Japan) Keiichi Okano(Kagawa University, Japan)
Akio Saiura(Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan) Yoshihiro Sakamoto(Kyorin University Hospital, Japan)
Satoru Seo(Kochi Medical School , Japan) Mitsuo Shimada(Tokushima University, Japan)
Masahiro Shinoda(International University of Health and Welfare, Japan) Ken Shirabe(Gunma University, Japan)
Yuji Soejima(Shinshu University, Japan) Atsushi Sugioka(Fujita Health University, Japan)
Yasutsugu Takada(Ehime University, Japan) Takeshi Takahara(Fujita Health University, Japan)
Hiroyuki Takamura(Kanazawa Medical University, Japan) Mitsuhisa Takatsuki(University of the Ryukyus, Japan)
Akinobu Taketomi(Hokkaido University, Japan) Shuji Takiguchi(Nagoya City University, Japan)
Michiaki Umino(Tohoku University, Japan) Shintaro Yagi(Kanazawa University, Japan)
Hideki Yokoo(Asahikawa Medical University, Japan)

Scientific Committee

Keiichi Akahoshi(Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan) Kenichiro Araki(Gunma University , Japan)
Daisuke Ban(National Cancer Center Hospital, Japan) Santiago López Ben(Trueta Hospital de Girona, Spain)
Andrea Benedetti Cacciaguerra(Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy) François Cauchy(Beaujon Hospital, France)
Albert Chan(The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) Rawisak Chanwat(National Cancer Institute, Thailand)
Kuo-Hsin Chen(Far-Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taiwan) Yajin Chen(Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, China)
Tan To Cheung(The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) Manuel Durán(Reina Sofia University Hospital, Spain)
David Fuks(APHP. Centre Hospital Cochin, France) Felipe Alconchel Gago(Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital (IMIB-Pascual Parrila), Spain)
Nicolas Golse(Inserm Unit 1193, Université Paris Saclay, France) Ho-Seong Han(Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, South Korea)
Yasushi Hasegawa(Keio University, Japan) Akishige Kanazawa(Osaka City General Hospital, Japan)
Hirokatsu Katagiri(Iwate Medical University Hospital, Japan) Yoichi Kawano(Nippon Medical School, Japan)
Ji Hoon Kim(National Cancer Center, South Korea) Shogo Kobayashi(Osaka University, Japan)
Takuya Minagawa(School of Medicine, International University of Health and Welfare, Japan) Kazuteru Monden(Fukuyama City Hospital, Japan)
Mamoru Morimoto(Nagoya City University, Japan) Yusuke Ome(Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan)
Fernando Rotellar(Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Spain) Olivier Scatton(Hopital Pitie Salpetriere, France)
Olivier Soubrane(Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, France) Takeshi Urade(Kobe University Graduate, Japan)
Alain Garcia Vazquez(University Hospital Institute of Strasbourg (IHU-Strasbourg), Strasbourg University, France/Mexico) Taiga Wakabayashi(Ageo Central General Hospital, Japan)

Public Relations

Hitoe Nishino(Chiba University, Japan)

Secretary General

Satoshi Ogiso(Kyoto University, Japan) Giammauro Berardi(San Camillo Forlanini Hospital of Rome, Italy)
Ruben Ciria(University Hospital Reina Sofia, Spain) Takamichi Ishii(Kyoto University, Japan)
Tomoaki Yoh(Kyoto University, Japan)