▶Anyone entering Japan must have a valid passport.
In addition, delegates from particular countries must have a visa issued by The Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in their home country.

▶Consult your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate Generals as to whether you require a visa. Please note that the standard processing period can take more than a month to obtain a visa.

▶The Secretariat can issue a letter of invitation and necessary documents upon request to those who need a visa.

▶In order to issue an invitation letter, delegates must:

  • Complete online registration and fee must be paid in full. If a visa is applied for but not granted, the Organizing Committee will determine the appropriate refund after the conference.
  • Download the form "VISA Questionnaire" and make sure you complete all sections.
    After you complete the form, please send it to the secretariat via E-mail to

    *If you have accompanying person, please send "Group List" to the secretariat by E-mail.

▶A letter of invitation will be issued after registration and payment are completed.
The letter of invitation for VISA application does not provide any financial support.


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