Post Conference One-Day Tour to Kesen-numa and Rikuzen-takata,
May 25th, 2017

Once in a Lifetime Experience: Let’s Go and Cheer Up Hisaichi*

*Hisaichi = Devastated area by major natural disasters.

On March 11th 2011, Coastal areas in Northern Japan experienced the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, the most disastrous earthquake and tsunami ever recorded. Rikuzentakata city was one of the worst devastated areas, as we lost approximately 10% of its population. The purpose of this tour is to visit hisaichi, the tsunami effected areas, to get an experience of how this disaster impacted the lives in Rikuzentakata.

On this tour, Dr. Hideaki Shiraishi, Dr. Ayako Ochi and Dr. Nobukazu Nakasato are going to give lecture talks about their medical as well as psychological services for peoples in the devastated area. Tsunami survivors had to face their chronic diseases such as epilepsy, psychiatric diseases, dementia and Parkinson’ diseases. Both emergency as well as long-term support were necessary during several months after the disaster.

Please also enjoy the energetic and strong lives of the people of Rikuzentakata. At the Zen temple, we are planning to hold activities as Zen meditation lesson by a head Zen monk. We will also look at sculptures built as a commemoration to those lost their lives or were affected by the tsunami.

Tour Overview

Tour Price: 10,000 JPY

Tour Highlights

  1. Karakuwa Tsunami Experience Center(唐桑津波体験館
    Karakuwa Peninsula is at the north end of Miyagi Prefecture, known for its natural landscape of ria coastal line, a coastal inlet formed by the partial submergence of an unglaciated river valley. In this area surrounded by beautiful ocean, local and unique traditions flourished. The area is also known for its fishery, oyster faming, and other fish cultivation. At the Karakuwa Tsunami Experience Center, you will be able to experience the beauty and the traditional lives of the local people through photos, movies, and other equipment.

  2. The Relic of Kesen Middle School(気仙中学の跡地見学)
    Passing by the relic of Kesen Middle School hit by tsunami.
  3. Visit temporary housings for tsunami survivors(高田高校仮設見学)
  4. Lunch at Capital Hotel 1000(キャピタルホテル1000にて昼食)
    Rikuzen-takata city's Intangible cultural heritage dance show

    ABRikuzen-takata city's Intangible cultural heritage dance show

    • Japanese traditional style Bento:
      Sashimi, crab soup, rice, salad, tempura, stewed pumpkin, grilled fish,
      Japanese style pickles
    • Seaweed Shabushabu with Grilled Scallop:
      Scallop Sashimi, Grilled Scallop, Scallop Tempura, Scallop Soup, Tomato and Vegetable
      in vinegar, Seaweed Shabushabu, Rice, Stewed Seaweed, Seaweed Sweets

    *Please let us know if you have any special dietary requests or restrictions so we can accommodate your needs.

  5. Fumonji Zen Temple(普門寺訪問)
    Visiting the Five-Hundred-Arhat Sculptures

    a Zen temple which were built in 1500, when Zen Buddhism reached Japan. After gold were discovered in the Hikami Mountain, the temple served to preside over the gold.

    Five-Hundred-Arhat Sculptures:
    Sculptures were built as a commemoration to those lost their lives or were affected by the tsunami. Participants all around Japan came to create these sculptures, including local citizens. Events to make these sculptures have been held since August 2013 and the numbers of the sculptures are still growing.

  6. Kezoji Zen Temple(華蔵寺訪問)
    Kezoji is a Zen temple belonging to the Zuiganji in Matsushima city.
    At Kezoji, the head monk will teach us chair mediation. We will also have lectures on Buddhism and tea ceremony.

  7. Kesennuma Plaza Hotel (Dinner/Hot Spring)
    You can enjoy a seafood dinner and a hot spring bath with natural salts with an ocean view.
    (If you wish to use the hot spring please bring your own towel and a plastic bag. Use of the hot spring will cost 500yen.)
    *Please let us know if you have any special dietary requests or restrictions so we can accommodate your needs. (For example: If you cannot eat raw fish.)


06:30 Meet at the Lobby of Westin Sendai 集合
06:40 Depart from the hotel ホテル出発
10:10 Arrive at Karakuwa Tsunami Experience Center 津波体験館に到着
10:15 Visiting Theater 津波体験館のシアター見学開始
11:15 Depart from Karakuwa Tsunami Experience Center 津波体験館のシアター見学終了、出発
11:30 Passing by the relic of Kesen Middle School 旧気仙中学を車中から見学
11:40 Visit temporary housings for tsunami survivors 高田高校仮設見学
11:50 Depart from temporary housings for tsunami survivors 高田高校仮設出発
12:00 Arrive at Capital1000 Hotel キャピタルホテル1000に到着、
12:30 Lunch at Capital1000 Hotel (1hour)
Rikuzentakata traditional dance show during lunch time
13:35 Depart from Capital1000 Hotel キャピタルホテル1000を出発
13:50 Arrive at Fumonji Zen Temple 普門寺に到着、五百羅漢を見学
14:30 Depart from Fumonji Zen Temple 普門寺を出発
14:50 Arrive at Kezoji Zen Temple (Chair meditation/the head monk’s lecture/Japanese traditional tea and cake) 華蔵寺に到着、座禅、お茶菓子、お茶
16:00 Depart from Kezoji Zen Temple 華蔵寺を出発
16:30 Visit Kesennuma Plaza Hotel (Dinner/ Hot spring) 気仙沼プラザホテルに到着
19:30 Depart from Kesennuma Plaza Hotel 気仙沼プラザホテル発
22:00 Arrive in Sendai 仙台に到着