Program (tentative)

Keynote Lecture

  • Lorraine A. RAMIG, Ph.D.
    Lorraine A. RAMIG, Ph.D.
    University of Colorado-Boulder, National Center for Voice and Speech-Denver, Teachers College, Columbia University-New York City, LSVT Global, Inc.-Tucson
    “The Science and Practice of LSVT LOUD: Efficacious Speech Treatment for Parkinson Disease”
  • Patricia A. Prelock, Ph.D.
    Patricia A. PRELOCK, Ph.D.
    Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences
    Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
    Professor of Pediatrics in the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont
    “Parent Training Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders”
  • Nidhi Mahendra, Ph.D
    Nidhi MAHENDRA, Ph.D
    Professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences at San Jóse State University
    “Person-Centered Assessment and Intervention: Providing Persons with Demntia Their Ikigai”

Guest of Honor Lecture

  • Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, Ph.D.
    Li-Rong Lilly CHENG, Ph.D.
    President of International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics
    “Education and Practice of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology: A Global Perspective”
  • Ikuyo Fujita, Ph.D.
    Ikuyo FUJITA, Ph.D.
    The first president of Japanese Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists (SLHT)
    Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences department at Graduate School of Health and Welfare in International University of Health and Welfare
    The former Vice-dean of Graduate School.
    “Cognitive Neuropsychological Approaches to Asyntactic Comprehension in Aphasia”

Educational Seminar

  • Christene Yoshinaga-Itano, Ph.D.
    Christine YOSHINAGA-ITANO, Ph.D. Co-sponsored by RION CO., LTD.
    Professor Emerita of the Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
    Research Professor, in the Institute of Cognitive Science,
    Center for Neurosciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder,
    adjunct faculty in the Department of Otolaryngology and Audiology at the University of Colorado,
    Denver and the Board member of the Marion Downs Center.
    “A Look into the Crystal Ball for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Needs, Opportunities, and Challenges”
  • Kiyoshi Otomo, Ph.D.
    Brooke HALLOWELL, Ph.D.
    Executive Director of the Collaborative on Aging
    Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
    Director of the Neurolinguistics Laboratory
    Adjunct Professor of Family Medicine
    Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Professor of Asian Studies at Ohio University
    “A Worldwide Movement to Promote Life Participation for People with Aphasia”
  • Elaine YANDEAU, M.A.
    Elaine YANDEAU, M.A.
    Yokohama International School
    “Lidcombe Program: Behavioral Treatment for Children Who Stutter”
  • Moonja SHIN Ph.D.Kyungjae Lee Ph.D.
    Moonja SHIN, Ed.D.
    Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Chosun University
    Kyungjae LEE, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Catholic University of Daegu
    “Discovering Intrinsic Features in Adults Who Stutter:The Origin and Pawn Scales”
  • Kiyoshi Otomo, Ph.D.
    Kiyoshi OTOMO, Ph.D.
    President of JACD, Japanese Association of Communication Disorders
    Professor in the Center for the Research and Support of Educational Practice, Tokyo Gakugei University
    “Assessment of Language Development in Preschool and School-Age Children”
  • Isamu SHIBAMOTO, Ph.D.
    Isamu SHIBAMOTO, Ph.D. Co-sponsored by FoodCare Co., Ltd/CAREIDO Co., Ltd
    Professor of the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy at Seirei Christopher University
    President of APSSLH 2016-2017
    “How We Can Choose the Most Effective Approach in Dysphagia Therapy”

Short Lecture

  • 1) Interprofessional Education-Learning theory and development-
    Toshinori SHIMOI, Ph.D.
    International University of Health and Welfare
  • 2) Prevalence, Brain Dysfunction, Cognitive Disabilities Underlying Japanese Speaking Children with Developmental Dyslexia
    Akira UNO, Ph.D.
    University of Tsukuba


  • 1) Enhancing Speech Therapy with Technology
    HyangHee “Hope” KIM, Ph.D., Yonsei University College of Medicine
    Elizabeth WARD, Ph.D., The University of Queensland
    Elizabeth WARD, Ph.D., The University of Queensland
    Tomoki NANTO, Hyogo College of Medicine College Hospital
  • 2) Speech Sound Development of Children with Special Needs
    Kathy LEE, Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Seunghee HA
    Sharynne McLEOD, Charles Sturt University
    Carol Kit Sum TO, The University of Hong Kong
  • 3) Perceptual Assessment of Cleft Palate Speech
    Yuri FUJIWARA, Ph.D., Osaka Health Science University
    Selena Ee-Li YOUNG, Ph.D., KK Women and Children Hospital
    Benjamas PRATHANEE, Ph.D., Khon Kaen University
    Yoshiko TAKEI, Ph.D., Showa University Dental Hospital
    Chihiro SUGIYAMA, Ph.D., Osaka University
  • 4) Children with Cochlear Implants in Educational Setting
    Mi-Sun YOON, Ph.D., Korea Nazarene University
    Kathy LEE, Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Christine YOSHINAGA-ITANO, Ph.D., The University of Colorado
    Chieko ENOMOTO, National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center

Round Table

  • [Moderators]
    Manwa Lawrence NG, Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong
    Kartini AHMAD, Ph.D., Universiti Kabangsaan Malaysia
    “Education and Practice of SLP & Audiology in Asia-Pacific”
    Several speakers from Asia-pacific region countries
  • Sponsored Seminar

      Kimitaka KAGA, M.D., Ph.D.
      Tetsuo Tsukada, Deaf Blind Pianist
      Piano Concert, a deaf blind CI Receipient
    • Nihon Cochlear Co., Ltd
      Colleen PSARROS
      Manager, clinical practice and strategy Sydney Cochlear Implant Center
      (a service of Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children)

      Emma RAMSAY
      Product Manager - Clinical Care Cochlear Limited (Asia Pacific)
      “Clinical Care and NFS Changing the Landscape of Access and Intervention with Cochlear Implant Programming.”
    • Phonak Japan Co., Ltd
      Tatsuo Nakagawa, Ph.D., Yokohama National University
      "Factors to Consider When Using Wireless Amplification Systems in School Environments"
      Chie OBUCHI, Ph.D., International University of Health and Welfare
      "Assessment and Management for People with Listening Problems"
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