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Social program

Site Visit

All courses are fully booked. Thank you for your interest.
For those who are eligible to join our site visit, secretariat will contact you and inform the details including payment individually by mid-April.

All courses will take place on Thursday, May 16.

  Locations Meet
Transportation Lunch
1) Tanaka Medical Home Care Clinic 13:00 17:00 30 min. by taxi × JPY
2) Iwakura Station Tahara Clinic 13:30 15:45 10 min. by taxi × JPY
3) Otowa Hospital and Otsu Family Clinic 9:30 15:00 45 min. by bus JPY
4) Yuge Medical Clinic 9:30 15:00 90 min. by bus JPY
5) Family Medicine Center, KANAI HOSPITAL 9:30 15:00 60 min. by bus JPY

1) Tanaka Medical Home Care Clinic

HP: http://www.tanaka-oushin.com/
Address: 90, Ohigashi-cho ,Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto, Japan

Institute introduction:
Some patients say, “Even if I have a serious illness or need help, I want to live in my own house and town. ” In order to make this happen, our home visit care clinic opened in 2009.

For patients in an unstable condition to receive medical care at home, we provide well-designed home medical care in collaboration with visiting nurses and care managers in the community.

"We aim to provide sufficient information not only about medical conditions but also about the effect of their illness on their way of life and how to live with it. We also want to think of the way of living with them and their family." We would like to contribute to the improvement of community-based medical care.

  • Examples of diseases that we can provide home medical care for:
    Malignant cancer, stroke, neurological disease, dementia, organ failures (heart failure, respiratory failure, renal failure, liver failure etc.)
    Spinal cord injury, complications of diabetes, collagen disease, systemic decline due to ageing etc.
  • Examples of medical management:
    Home palliative care, respiratory management (home oxygen, tracheostomy, NPPV, TPPV)
    Nutrition management (gastrostomy, intestinal fistula, nasogastric nutrition, TPN)
    Micturition management (bladder indwelling catheter, nephrostomy, bladder fistula)
    Others (pressure ulcer, stoma, transfusion etc.)

2) Iwakura Station Tahara Clinic

HP: http://www.tahara-clinic.net/
Address: 291-1, Iwakura Chūzaijichō, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto

Institute introduction:
Iwakura Station Tahara Clinic is a private clinic that newly opened in 2018. This clinic is run by the doctor who finished the new training system and specializes in family medicine, which type of clinics is still rare in Japan.

Our mission is to provide family practice for our local community. We deal with a wide range of issues ranging from common diseases to complex cases, from infants to elderly people.
Our outpatient clinic offers vaccinations, health check-up, smoking cessation counselling, etc.
Our home visit practice offers medical management of chronic diseases including dementia, intractable neurological diseases, terminal stage of malignant cancer. Additionally, we provide palliative care in collaboration with multidisciplinary staffs.

3) Otowa Hospital - Otsu family clinic

Otowa Hospital

HP: http://www.rakuwa.or.jp/otowa/
Address: 2 Otowachinji-chō, Yamashina, Kyōto-city, Kyōto, Japan

Otsu Family Clinic

HP: http://www.otsu-fc.jp/
Address: 11-11 Daimondōri, ōtsu-city, Shiga, Japan

Institute introduction:
Otowa Hospital is the private hospital designated an emergency medical care center and accepts emergency patients 24 hours every day on the frontlines of acute phase medical care. We provide treatment with highly advanced medical techniques using a network of university hospitals and regional medical institutes.

Otsu family clinic is a small office for seeing out-patients. We provide general practice, healthcare check-ups, pain management, and home visiting.


AM Otowa hospital
PM Otsu family clinic

4) Yuge Medical Clinic

HP: https://yugemed.com/
Address : 1825 Yuge, Ryūō-chō, Gamou-gun, Shiga, Japan

Institute introduction:
Yuge Medical Clinic is a community-based outpatient clinic in a rural setting in Shiga prefecture. Additionally, the clinic is an academic facility with 6 family medicine residents, 3 trainee physicians, 1 home care fellow and 6 attending physicians. We accept rotating residents regularly and medical students occasionally.
The clinic provides family medicine care including outpatient care and home visits.

  • Outpatient care: provide general practice for chronic illnesses, child care and geriatric care.
  • Outpatient procedures: wound care such as intravenous fluid, suturing, decubitus care, etc. Equipped with chest X-ray, ECG, ultrasonography, endoscopy and colonoscopy.
  • Health care maintenance: provides regular check-up, some cancer screenings, smoking cessation counseling and vaccination clinic.
  • Home visits: for individual patients who are unable to visit the clinic, as well as for residents at group homes and nursing facilities. Available 24/7. Provide blood tests, IV fluids, portable ultrasonography exam, decubitus dressing care, etc.
  • Multidisciplinary care: collaborate with on-site care managers, physical therapists, visiting nurses and caregivers, a dietitian and pharmacists on the clinic grounds. Also work with local school teachers and public health workers as needed.
  • Academic activities: half-day teaching per week with multiple contents such as case discussion, lectures, portfolio evaluation, learning reports, video review, etc.

Head physician: Masaki Amenomori

5) Family Medicine Center, KANAI HOSPITAL

HP: http://www.kanaihospital.jp/
Address: 612-12, Yodo Kizucho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, 6130911

Institute introduction:
Kanai Hospital is a private, community-based hospital founded by Dr. Kanai in 1984. Our mission is to provide the best primary care for the local people. In 2015, Family Medicine Center opened in our hospital. Since then, family physicians (including some family medicine residents) have played a leading role in the following healthcare services:

  • Outpatient care:
    Full-time doctors: Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, and Orthopedics.
    Part-time doctors: Neurology, Cardiology, Diabetes, Respiratory, Urology, Dermatology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, and Ophthalmology.
    Facility: ECG, X-ray, bone densitometry, CT, MRI, ultrasound, gastroendoscopy, colonoscopy
  • Emergency care
    Emergency room (ER): accepts patients 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.
    ER visits by ambulance: approximately 600 patients per year.
  • Inpatient care
    Bed capacity: 151 (including 22 beds for acute care, 30 for comprehensive community care, 58 for patient with disability, 23 for long term care, and 18 for nursing care)
    Most of admitted patients: 65 years and older.
    Common reasons for hospitalization: infection (UTIs, pneumonia, etc.), fractures, , rehabilitation for decreased ADL.

Sightseeing tours

WONCA APR 2019 Kyoto will provide a guided tour to “Arashiyama & Uzumasa 1day tour” for the participants who would like to explore Kyoto’s one of popular destinations for adults and children!!

If you wish to make a reservation for yourself and your family members, please visit our reservation page

Date & Time Friday, May 17 from 9:00 to 16:00
Departure & Arrival Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto) entrance
Fees Adult 10,000JPY / Child 8,000 JPY (Lunch included)
Minimum Number of
Participants for Execution
22 (Adult participants)

Other options

You can arrange tours on your own from numerous choices.

Sunrise Run Leaflet

Let's enjoy Sunrise Run with us!

Why don’t you come and enjoy jogging together with us in the park of Kyoto, one of the oldest cities in Japan wrapped in the deep green forests while breathing early morning refreshing air and listening to the birds singing?
It will surely be a wonderful and memorable experience.
We hope that many attendees will join us!

Event Summary

Date Saturday, May 18, 2019
Aggregation time 7:00 AM
Gathering place Fujidana squre in Takaragaike Park
Course Takaragaike Park circumference, 1 circumference 1.5 km
Clothes and your belongings easy to run clothes. Please keep your valuables with yourself. Please prepare water etc. by yourself.
Participation fee None
Others We will present original souvenirs to the first 100 people at the gathering place on the day.
Access to the place Subway:
Get off at Karasuma Line "Kokusaikaikan Station" From Exit 4-2, about 15 minutes on foot
Eizan Railway:
Get off at "Takaragaike Station", about 20 minutes on foot.
Site URL http://www.city.kyoto.lg.jp/kensetu/page/0000082746.html


Before participating in the event, please make sure that you take responsibility for your own health.
The organizer cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur during the event.
Additionally the organizer is not responsible for any issues concerning portrait rights arising from photographs taken during the event.


  1. Participants confirm that there is no problem in physical condition beforehand and are able to manage their physical condition by themselves during the event.
  2. We will run along the general boardwalk, so please observe the convention contracts.
  3. Please pay attention to general pedestrians, bicycles and all other public surroundings.
  4. Please be mindful of child participants.
  5. Participants should be aware of the weather and take proper precautions such as rainwear.
  6. For the safety of participants, the content (course / time) may be changed due to weather or other reasons.
  7. It is not permissible to consume alcoholic beverages during the event.

Contract agreement

  • Pay close attention to your own health care.
  • Even if an accident happens, the participants and their families agree to not hold the event organizer and all event persons responsible for injuries or damages resulting from the accident.
  • We also agree to the above contracts and notes.