The 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neuropathology/The 66th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry

Information for Speakersn

For Oral Presenters

Please note that all the speakers are required to bring your own PC and come to the session room directly.

  • Only computer presentations will be available for the oral sessions.
  • Speakers are requested to arrive at the venue for their session 10 minutes in advance and to make their presence known to the staff in the room. Please take next speaker’s seat in the front and the left side of room.
  • Please bring backup date in case of unexpected accidents on USB flash memory.
  • D-sub15-pin connector or HDMI is needed to connect to the projector. If your PC doesn't provide D-sub15-pin or HDMI, please bring your own adapter for your PC as well as power cables.
    *Any other connectors such as Mini DisplayPort cannot be accepted.
  • Please disable screensaver, power-saving feature, password or hot corner on your PC.
  • Screen ratio: 16:9 (recommended).

For Poster Presenters

Presentation Time

JSNP64 Poster 3-min presentation + 2-min discussion
JSN Poster Free Discussion


  6th (Thu.) 7th(Fri.) 8th (Sat.)
Mounting 9:00-10:00 8:30-9:30 8:30-9:30
Viewing 10:00-13:20
Presentation 13:20-14:20 13:50-14:50 12:50-13:50
Removal 18:00-18:30 17:30-18:00 17:30-18:00

Poster Size

  • Poster mounting area is H 170cm × W 90cm. Please refer to the sample below.
  • Please prepare a slip with title, name(s) of author(s), and affiliation(s) with the size of H 20cm×W 70cm.
  • Poster number(H 20cm×H 20cm)will be prepared by the secretariat .
  • Pins will be provided along with a panel.
  • Any posters remaining on the panels after the removal time will be discarded by the secretariat.
Poster Size

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)

Presenters are required to disclose any conflicts of interest on the second slide (after the title slide) of oral presentation or at the end of poster.
Please use the sample forms below.