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  • The 15th Japan-Korea Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • President: Kensuke Kiyokawa
  • (Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery,
    Kurume University, School of Medicine)
Kensuke Kiyokawa

It is a great honor to hold the 15th Japan-Korea Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (JKPRS) in Kitakyushu city.

It was 28 years ago when the first JKPRS was held in Tokyo. The third congress was held by the late Mr. Yoshiaki Tai, who was my mentor. At that time, I was only 34 years old and had a challenging experience as an executive director for the first time, not knowing what to do. Because of the experience, I have an attachment to JKPRS congresses and am quite happy about success of JKPRS and strong unity of Japanese and Korean societies. This chance to hold the 15th JKPRS is going to be a compilation of my life work.

Throwing back this past 28 years, I set the main theme of this congress 'tradition transmit'. We have to pass on not only wisdom about clinical and research field, but also our relationship, from one generation to the next; I am thinking of symposium and panel discussion programs in accordance with the theme.

Also, we are going to hold the 43rd Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (JSAPS) at the same timing of JKPRS. There are going to be symposiums of ISAPS and ones of Korea, Taiwan and Japan together, with simultaneous interpretation at the room 1.

As I would like to welcome many of you to not only JKPRS but also JSAPS congress, I prepared some discount for those who participate in both. I appreciate many participations and hope you all have a fruitful time.