ICAPS2024 International Conference on Anesthesia Patient Safety 2024

Dates: February 9-11, 2024 Venue: Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Chair: Tomoko Yorozu (Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Kyorin University School of Medicine)

ICAPS 2024 is
the world's very first international
conference on anesthesia safety, jointly
organized by JSA, JFA, ASA, and APSF.

The ICAPS 2024 program allows

  • participants to obtain credits (up to 18 credits) for the Japan
    Specialty Medical Association-accredited Common Courses for
    Medical Specialists and Courses in the Field of Anesthesiology.
  • Simultaneous English-Japanese interpretation will be provided
    for all programs.

ICAPS 2024 Honorary Lecture

Dr. Jeffrey B. Cooper Photo

“Critical Role of the Surgeon-Anesthesiologist
Relationship for Patient Safety”

Dr. Jeffrey B. Cooper
Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School/Founding Member of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation

ICAPS 2024 Keynote Speech

Dr. Steven Greenberg Photo

“APSF Newsletter, past, current, and future directions”

Dr. Steven Greenberg
Editor-in-Chief, APSF Newsletter

ICAPS 2024 Symposium

Anesthesia as a part of longitudinal pre- to post-operative medicine
~ Implementation of the ASAʼs Perioperative Surgical Home ~

  • Maxime P. R. Cannesson (ASA/UCLA, USA)
  • Elizabeth Rebello
    (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)
  • Jeong-Hyun Choi (Kyung Hee University, South Korea)
  • Hiroshi Morimatsu (Okayama University, Japan)
  • Tomohiro Sawa (Teikyo University, Japan)

ICAPS 2024 Symposium

Expectations toward Anesthesia providers ~ in aim for patient safety ~

  • Adrian W Gelb (Immediate Past President, WFSA)
  • Ronald Harter (Vice President, ASA)
  • Michiko Taniguchi
    (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan)
  • Ikuko Yamaguchi (President, COLM)
  • Norihiko Ikeda (President, Japan Surgical Society)
  • Michiaki Yamakage
    (President, the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists)
ICAPS2024 logo Dawn of Anesthesia Patient Safety Worldwide

What is ICAPS?

ICAPS2024 Chair

Tomoko Yorozu

Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Kyorin University School of Medicine

Chair: Kyorin University School of Medicine Department of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology Chief Professor

International Conference on Anesthesia Patient Safety 2024 (ICAPS 2024) is the first international conference on safety management of anesthesia in the world. This conference is jointly organized by the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists (JSA), the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), cohosting with the Japan Federation of Anesthesiologists (JFA).

APSF Newsletter is the official publication of the nonprofit APSF and is published three times per year in electronic format.

Translation of the Newsletter started in 2017. The pioneer country was Japan. Since, then, the APSF Newsletter has been translated in 6 additional languages, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Russian.

To celebrate this five-year success, the APSF proposed holding a worldwide joint symposium on patient safety, and this historic first meeting will take place in February of 2024.

ICAPS 2024 will initiate, expand, and enrich the anesthesia patient safety movement regionally and worldwide.

Let’s take the first steps towards worldwide anesthesia patient safety!

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ICAPS 2024 has arranged its conference program around APSF’s “Top 10 Perioperative Patient Safety Priorities.”

United, we can take the first steps towards anesthesia safety under the theme of this year’s conference, the “Dawn of Anesthesia Patient Safety Worldwide.”

Top 10 Perioperative Patient Safety Priorities.

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