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Call for Submissions

Call for Symposium / Workshop

May 1(Tue), 2018 - November 30(Fri), 2018

WONCA APR2019 Scientific Program Committee invites you to submit proposals for symposium(90min)and workshop(45min)sessions. Those wishing to organize a symposium or workshop should submit a proposal which includes the session description, the topic you chose from the list below and estimated number of audience.

  • Symposium:
    Panel discussion type of session consisting of speakers with expertise in the topic.
  • Workshop:
    More interactive session between presenters and participants. It can provide the participants with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and strengthen their skills.

How to Submit

  1. Download the "Apply Sheet" from the link below.
  2. Fill out the apply sheet with session information and speaker's information.
  3. Send the "Apply Sheet" to the secretariat at woncaaprc2019@c-linkage.co.jp

Topics for Symposium & Workshop

Please select refer to the topics as listed below.

1. Artificial Intelligence 16. Non-communicable diseases
2. Child health 17. Patient-centered care
3. Clinical care 18. Patient Safety
4. Community 19. Prevention / Health promotion
5. Continuing professional development 20. Primary care
6. Disaster Medicine 21. Primary palliative care
7. Education 22. Professionalism
8. Elderly care 23. Quality Improvement
9. Evidence-based medicine 24. Remote and rural
10. Family-oriented care 25. Research
11. Health economics 26. Social determinants of health
12. Health policy 27. Travellers Medicine
13. Medical generalism 28. Uncertainty
14. Medical humanities 29. Universal health coverage
15. Mental health 30. Women’s health

Submission Guidelines

  • Proposal should be typed in English and submitted by November 30, 2018.
  • All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee.
  • The Committee may request you modify the proposal after review.
  • All presenters in your session and session organizers must be registered within the pre-registration period.

Contact Information

Send related correspondence and questions regarding abstract submissions or notifications to woncaaprc2019@c-linkage.co.jp