The 78th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association

Call for Abstract

Submission Deadline for Non-invited Speakers

For Symposia, International Sessions,
Symposia on Specific Tumors,
and Special Symposia
(Woman Scientists in Cancer Research)
12:00PM JST, April 10 (Wed.), 2019 
12:00PM JST, April 24 (Wed.), 2019 
Abstract Submission has been closed.
Free Paper (oral and poster) 12:00PM JST, April 24 (Wed.), 2019 
12:00PM JST, May 8 (Wed.), 2019
Abstract Submission has been closed.

JST; Japan standard time

Basic Information on Abstract Submission

Abstracts can only be submitted online through this congress website.
Submitted abstracts should be prepared by following instruction below.

JCA2019 and the secretariat do not correspond on the reasons of acceptance/rejection of an abstract.

Browser requirements

The System is operational on Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.
Please do not use any other browsers.

Your e-mail address is required for online abstract submission. Please make sure your e-mail address is valid so that we may contact you.
Confirmations and notifications of acceptance/rejection will be e-mailed to the registered address by beginning of July. If the e-mail address is not that of the lead speaker, please make sure the lead speaker receives the messages.

Please read the following instructions before submitting abstract.

Submitted abstracts will not be edited or proof-read before printing. The first presenting author is responsible for the accuracy of the abstract.
After the deadline for abstract submission, changes related to abstracts cannot be made. Please make sure all the information (including co-speaker’s name) is registered correctly before the deadline.
Before you submit an abstract, we strongly recommend you to write your own abstract with other text files in advance and copy and paste the text on the online abstract box of the website, instead of writing the abstract directly on the submission page. This will enable you to proofread all entries and make final changes before you submit them.

Notes for Abstract Submission

  1. You are permitted to submit only one abstract as the first author for this meeting.
  2. Abstract submission has two parts, ‘Non-Invited speakers’ and ‘Invited speakers’. Only speakers who are invited by the Program Committee can submit their abstracts under ‘Abstract Submission for Invited Speakers’. Please make sure that you select the correct part.
  3. Some sessions in Symposia, International Sessions, Symposia on Specific Tumors, and Special Symposia(Woman Scientists in Cancer Research) accept abstract submission from non-invited speakers. Please be sure to select ‘Non-invited Speaker’ or ‘Invited Speaker’ when you submit.
  4. To submit your abstract, click the ‘New Registration’ button. To browse ‘View/Edit/Delete’, sign in by entering your submission number and password. To edit the submitted abstract, go to the ‘View/Edit/Delete’ page and you can edit your abstract.

Instructions for Authors

Please read the following instructions before submitting an abstract.

  1. Abstract must be written in English.
  2. The title must be no more than 120 characters including spaces.
  3. The abstract body must be no more than 1,200 characters including spaces.
  4. The abstract may be rejected if the instructions are not followed.
  5. Accepted abstracts will be published and distributed at the meeting. Abstracts will appear in print exactly as submitted.
  6. Please keep your submission number and password until the meeting. These are necessary to edit your abstract or see information from the secretariat. For security purposes, we are unable to answer any questions about passwords.
  7. A maximum of 13 authors is allowed including the main author (from up to 7 institutions) per abstract.
  8. Please do not insert any tables or figures in the text box as they cannot be uploaded.
  9. Notification of acceptance will be announced to the first author by E-mail.

Disclosure of COI

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI) is requited at the Annual Meetings of the Japanese Cancer Association

If the Lead presenter is NOT the Responsible researcher, the Lead presenter must complete the COI disclosure form on behalf of the Responsible researcher.

In order to complete the COI disclosure declaration, please click on the link on the last screen that appears after submitting the abstract.
The abstract submission No. and password will be issued on the last page and you will also find the link there to the COI disclosure form.

If the Lead presenter is NOT the Responsible researcher and you fail to submit the COI disclosure form on behalf of the Responsible researcher, your abstract will NOT be reviewed by the organizer.

Use of Special Characters

Please refrain from using characters such as α, β, γ as symbols (1-byte character), since they are automatically transformed into a, b, c, etc. Please make sure to use HTML tags.

  1. In the title and main text of the abstract, superscript, subscript, italic face, bold face, and underline can be used provided the following html tags are inserted. Tags for superscript, subscript, italic face, bold face, underline, or line feed are, in order: <SUP></SUP>, <SUB></SUB>, <I></I>, <B></B>, <U></U>, and <BR>. They must be written in 1-byte characters. Please refer to the registration page for more details.
    Display HTML tag
    Na+ Na<SUP>+</SUP>
    H2O H<SUB>2</SUB>O
    fos <I>fos</I>
    bold <B>bold</B>
    underline <U>underline</U>
    ... tests.(break) Results ... ... tests.(break)<BR>Results ...
    Display HTML tag Display HTML tag Display HTML tag
    α &alpha; μ &mu; ± &plusmn;
    β &beta; π &pi; × &times;
    γ &gamma; ρ &rho; ÷ &divide;
    δ &delta; ς &sigmaf; > &gt;
    ε &epsilon; σ &sigma; < &lt;
    η &eta; φ &phi; &ge;
    κ &kappa; χ &chi; &le;
    λ &lambda; Δ &Delta; ® &reg;
    » More Special Characters

Abstract Submission (Free paper)

Abstract Submission (Oral and Poster) has been closed. Thank you for your submission.

Encrypted text-based (recommended)

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Plain text-based

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Some computer systems may result in unsuccessful submissions due to incompatibility. It is the submitter's responsibility to follow the above instructions for successful submission.


For more information about abstract submission, please contact the Abstract Secretariat by email at