Nara Multidisciplinary approach for well-being

Guidelines for Chairs/Presenters

■ Information for Chairpersons and Presenters (Oral Presentations)

  1. Presentation Time
    • Oral Presentation: 10 min. (Presentation Time : 6 min. / Question Time : 4 min.)
    • Other Presentations: as informed in advance.
  2. For Speakers
    1. Data Preview:
      • Please come to “Data Preview Center”, located on the 1st floor at Nara Kasugano International Forum 甍 IRAKA.
      • (We kindly ask all presenters to check your data at least 30 minutes prior to your presentation.)
      • Data Preview Center is open from 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on March 15 (Fri.)
        8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on March 16 (Sat.)
    2. OS-standard fonts are recommended such as;

      Times New Roman・Arial・Arial Black・Arial Narrow・Century・Century Gothic・Courier

    3. To avoid the possible spread of computer viruses, always scan your presentation files beforehand with updated anti-virus software.
    4. Please note that your data will be copied as backup.
    5. Please bring your own PC if you use special fonts or Macintosh.

      [For Presenters using Removable Media]
      The PCs provided will be equipped with the followings: OS:Windows 10
      Application:Windows PowerPoint 2013/2016
      Presentation data must be in Windows PowerPoint and can only be accepted on CD-R or USB flash memory (CD-RW or DVD-RW cannot be accepted).

    6. If your presentation data includes moving image, please bring the original data.
    7. If your presentation data is linked to other moving images, those linked files should also be saved in the same folder. WMV or mp4 are recommended.

      [For Presenters using Your Own PC]
      Please bring a power cable.
      If you bring Macintosh, Ultrabook or Netbook, please bring a VGA adapter, too.
      Please bring backup data in case of unexpected accidents on CD-R or USB flash memory.
      D-sub15-pin connector or HDMI is needed to connect to the projector.
      If your PC doesn't provide D-sub15-pin or HDMI, please bring your own adapter for your PC as well as power cables.

      *Any other connectors such as Mini DisplayPort cannot be accepted. Please disable screensaver, power-saving feature, password or hot corner on your PC. Please note that you cannot use PowerPoint’s Presenter View function.

  3. For Chairpersons
    1. Please start and end your session at the appointed time. Punctuality is appreciated.
    2. Please be seated at ‘Next Chairperson’s Seat’ in the front row in the session room at least 10 minutes prior to your session.

■ Information for Chairpersons and Speakers (Poster Presentations)

For Presenters

The secretariat will prepare a panel with your poster number. Pins will be provided along with the board.

- A panel is H210cm × W90cm.
- Please prepare a slip with title, name(s) of author(s), and affiliation(s) with the size of H20cm × W70cm

Poster Discussion

Presentation Time 6min / Question Time 4 min You are requested to be ready in front of your poster at least 5min. prior to your presentation.