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JSGCT2020、Date:2020.7.13(Mon)~15(Wed)、Venue:Denki Building MiraiHall & Conference(Fukuoka, Japan)、President:Yoshikazu Yonemitsu MdPhD

Updated April 3, 2020
We are sorry to inform you that JSGCT2020 in Fukuoka is cancelled

Dear JSGCT members, Supporters, and Friends

Considering the recent rapid pandemic state of COVID-19 all over the world and the its potential impact on health of our attendees, speakers, faculty, exhibitors and staff, the president and Boards of Directors (BOD) of the society have just made the difficult decision to cancel the JSGCT2020 in Fukuoka, July 13-15.

During the 25-year history of the society, this is the first time to cancel the JSGCT Annual Meeting.

Our decision has been made in accordance with the government mandate of Japan for all non-essential gathering, and with suggestions from public health and infectious disease specialists. Based on their suggestions, we worried that the current world-wide spread of COVID-19 might still affect the health of any participants of JSGCT2020 on July in this year.

We local organizing committee would like to thank all members, councilors, and BOD of the society, the Annual Meeting Committee, Scientific Program Committee, speakers, and exhibitors.

We are very looking forward to seeing you at the next time, JSGCT2021 in TOKYO!

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the secretariat jsgct2020@c-linkage.co.jp

With my warmest regards

Yoshikazu Yonemitsu MD PhD
President, JSGCT2020
Professor, R&D Laboratory for Innovative Biotherapeutics Science, Kyushu University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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