APOTC.2024 8th Sapporo japan

General Information

The 8th Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Congress 2024 (APOTC 2024)
Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists Executive Team
of the 8th Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Congress 2024
Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group: APOTRG
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan (MEXT)
  • Hokkaido Prefectural Government
  • City of Sapporo
  • All Japan Hospital Association
  • Association of Japanese Healthcare Corporations
  • Japan Association for Day Care
  • Japan Association of Certified Care Workers
  • Japan Association of Geriatric Health Service Facilities
  • Japan Association of Homevisit Rehabilitation
  • Japan Association of Medical and Care Facilities
  • Japan Association of Rehabilitation Hospital And Institution
  • The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Japan association of welfare equipment expert advisors
  • Japan Care Manager Association (JCMA)
  • Japan Disaster Rehabilitation Assistance Team(JRAT)
  • Japan Hospital Association
  • Japan Medical Association
  • Japan Orthotics Prosthetics Association
  • Japanese Para-Sports Association
  • Japan Psychiatric Hospitals Association 
  • Japan Rehabilitation Nurse Association
  • Japan Society for Higher Brain Dysfunction
  • Japan Society of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Japan Visiting Nursing Foundation(JVNF)
  • Japanese Association of Certified Workers
  • Japanese Association of Mental Health Social Workers (JAMHSW)
  • Japanese Association Of Retirement Housing
  • Japanese Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists (JAS)
  • Japanese Council of Senior Citizens Welfare Ssevice (JS)
  • Japanese Nursing Association
  • Japanese Physical Therapy Association (JPTA)
  • Japanese Psychiatric Nurses Association 
  • Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (JSRPD)
  • Kaifukuki Rehabilitation Ward (KRW)
  • Rehabilitation Engineering Society of Japan (RESJA)
  • The Association of Care Goods Providers
  • The Association for Technical Aids(ATA)
  • The Japan Stroke Society
  • The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • The Japanese Orthopaedic Association
  • The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • "The National Federation of Associations of Families with The Mental Illness in Japan Common name: Minna-net"
  • 一般社団法人日本在宅介護協会
Sapporo Convention Center (Hokkaido)
(Website: https://www.sora-scc.jp/eng/)
November 6-9, 2024
Empowering Collaborative Community:
Sustainable and Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy

The 58th Japanese Occupational Therapy Congress & EXPO in Hokkaido 2024 will be held at the same venue on November 9th (Sat.) and 10th (Sun.).

APOTC 2024 Logo

The logo of APOTC 2024 is based on the image of Asian Nations, globality regardless of rational backgrounds, and sustainability of occupational therapy.
The 4 colors represent global elements. The form of the logo was created from the concept of sustainability = ∞ which symbolizes the idea of people taking each other’s hands.