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(Last update: 2018/8/8)

Abstracts submission period

Start date: March 14th(Wed), 2018 / End date:  May 9th(Wed),2018
  May 23rd(Wed), 2018 extended
  Abstract submission has been closed.

Applications are accepted only through online registration via the UMIN abstract submission system.

Styles of Presentation

  • Oral Japanese presentation with PC
  • Oral English presentation with PC
  • Poster presentation.

Please select 1,2, or 3. After peer review by the program committee, we will let you know acceptance or rejection of abstracts, the style of presentation, presentation number, and other details by E-mail by the end of July.

* If special considerations are needed on that day, please tick the box and let us know about the details (ex: wheelchair).

Eligibility and Conditions

  • Excellent Poster Award
    The first author must be under 40 years of age. Submission of CV is required to entry to the award.
  • English Presentation Award (English Session) There is no age limit. The award will be given to several excellent presentations.
    * The award winners of 1 and 2 will be commended at the closing ceremony on October 26th. Please register your mobile number with which we will be able to contact you.
  • Please take protection of personal information into consideration. (Avoid to state date in your abstract, and use only XXXX(year) for the first medical examination. Use anonymous naming instead of real one. We ask for your minute attention in order that an individual is not specified. ex: A hospital)
  • The first author must be a regular member or a temporary member of the Japan Epilepsy Society. If the first author is not a member, please register for membership using the website of the Japan Epilepsy Society.

Procedures for membership

The secretariat of the Japan Epilepsy Society


If a temporary member presents as the first author, one or more regular members are required to co-register. All abstracts must be original and previously unpublished. In case the contents of your abstract for this congress overlap with another abstract, which has been submitted for another congress, please send the one for another congress to the Secretariat of 52th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society in Tokyo.

Ethical Consideration

Application for presentation makes it a condition that there is no ethical problem on the study. Presenter must take ethical responsibility for presentation. Please answer the questions about Ethical Standards at the registration web page. If there is no ethical problem on the contents of your presentation, you don’t have to state it on your abstract.

Abstract Format

Oral presentation and
Poster presentation
Title: Less than 25 words, Text: Less than 220 words
Other presentation Title: Less than 25 words, Text: Less than 350 words
* Please structure your abstracts using the following headings. Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion

Presentation Styles (Please select one)

  • Oral presentation (Japanese)
  • Oral presentation (English)
  • Poster Presentation (Japanese/English)

Maximum 15 authors can be registered (The head author and co-authors). Maximum 10 institutions can be registered. If the first author is under 40 years of age as of May 31th, 2018, please tick the box of [under 40 years of age] .

Category (please select your first choice and second choice)

English Presentation Award will be given for several excellent presentations on English Session.

1 Etiology/Epidemiology
2 Underlying condition/disease
3 Classification/Syndrome
4 Genetics
5 Ictal semiology
6 EEG/MEG/Neurophysiology
7 Neuroimaging
8 Medication
9 Surgery
10 Other treatment
11 Clinical course/Prognosis
12 Social aspect/QOL
13 Comorbidity
14 Psychiatric symptom
15 Development/Neuropsychology
16 Comprehensive/Integrated care
17 Medical system
18 Medical Staff Session
19 Adverse effect
20 Pharmacology
21 Physiology
22 Pathology
23 Biochemistry
24 Neurotransmitter
25 Experimental epilepsy
26 Case report
27 Art, History

Conflict of Interest, COI

Please confirm Policy of Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research click here

All presenters concerned are obliged to disclose conflicts of interest. Please fill in the form below and send it to The Congress Secretariat of the 50th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society in Shizuoka by E-mail attaching.


Congress Secretariat of the 502h Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society in Yokohama
c/o Convention Linkage, Inc., Sanbancho 2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075, JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)3-3263-8688   FAX: +81-(0)3-3263-8693

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