Information for Speakers

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure

Every presentation in all the sessions at this Congress is required to incorporate and present the specified slide or poster on COI. There is no need to explain its content in your presentation. Please refer to the official website of the Congress below to download the specified slide and get instructions on how to use it.

  • COI form
  • Policy of COI

For Oral Session Presenters

On the Day of Your Presentation

  • Please visit Speakers’ Desk to preview and submit your presentation data at least 60 minutes before your scheduled session. You can submit your data prior to your session day.
    For those sessions a briefing is scheduled in advance, speakers are requested to submit presentation data before the briefing starts.
  • Please be seated in the session room 10 minutes before the starting time of your session.
  • Please be seated at designated “next speaker’s seat” 10 minutes before your presentation.
  • Presentation time: 10 mins (Presentation 7 mins, Q&A 3 mins )

Speakers’ Desk

  • Venue: Foyer, PACIFICO YOKOHAMA 4F
  • Submit your presentation data 60 minutes at the latest prior to the start of your session.
    Be advised to come to the Speakers’ Desk at your earliest convenience, as the Desk could be quite busy in the morning.
  • Media
    Bring your presentation data on a Windows-readable USB flash memory or CD-R.
    Please submit media or your own laptop on which your presentation data is saved, and preview on a PC to check if your slides run properly.
    If you are going to use your own PC for the presentation, bring your PC to the Desk as well for checking purpose.

    ※Please be assured that the secretariat of the Congress will completely delete the submitted data after the session.

Presentation Time Keeping

Yellow lamp turns on when you have one minute to go.
Red lamp turns on when your time is up.
If you have any questions or concerns in the session room about your presentation, please feel free to ask staff members in the room.

Presentation Data

Upon preparing your presentation data, please keep in mind the following:

  • Create or edit your presentation data using Windows OS/PowerPoint.
    Session room PCs at the meeting venue run Windows & PowerPoint 2010/2013/2016 only.
  • Please use the following fonts to avoid character corruption.
    Century, Century Gothic.
  • Make sure CD-R is finalized (i.e. closing the ongoing session) when copying your presentation file to CDR.
    Be careful and do not forget to finalize your CD-R, otherwise the presentation file on the CD-R would not open on other PCs than you used to create the file, making it impossible to use the file in presentation.
  • Only Windows formats are acceptable for CD-R and USB flash memory. Be advised that Macintosh formats are not supported on the PCs provided on site.
    Save only a single final version of your presentation file on CD-R or USB and make sure there is no other files or data on the media.

For Presenters Bringing Your Own Laptop

  • We suggest that you bring your own laptop if you use video in presentation. Those who wish to use Macintosh are requested to bring their own machines. During your presentation, please operate by yourselves the keyboard on the podium provided by the secretariat to flip your presentation.
  • Make sure to prepare and bring backup of presentation data on CD-R or USB flash memory, even if you are using your own machine for your presentation.
    This is applicable especially to Macbook Air users.
  • AC Adapters for your own PCs should be prepared by yourselves.
  • Only Mini D-sub 15 pin is available for cable connection on site. Make sure your own machine supports this type of connection, or prepare a right connector to hook up your laptop.
    Macintosh users are requested to bring connectors which came with their own machines.

Equipment for Presentation

  • Only computers can be used for presentation. OHP nor video cannot be used.
  • A monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse are provided on the podium. Speakers are requested to operate by themselves.
  • To avoid technical issues in session rooms, bring and use your own PC if your PowerPoint presentation has any attached files or links to external data (i.e. pictures, videos, and/or graphs).

For Poster Session Presenters

On the Day of Your Presentation

  • Venue and Timetable for Poster Sessions are as follows. Venue: 301+302, PACIFICO YOKOHAMA 3F

    Mounting 25 October 8:00 - 10:00
    Viewing 25 October 10:00 - 15:00 , 16:00 - 19:00
    26 October 7:30 - 13:10
    Presentation 25 October 15:00 - 15:50
    26 October 13:10 - 14:00
    Removal 26 October 14:00 - 14:30
    ※Please be advised that any remaining posters after the end of removal time above will be disposed by the secretariat.

  • Poster Numbers assigned by the secretariat are indicated at the upper left of poster panels. Please find a panel with your Poster Number and put up posters.
  • Presentation format and time
    5 mins presentation is followed by 3 mins question & answer, 8 minutes in total.
    Presentation and discussion take place in front of each poster. Follow directions of the chair for the time of your presentation and keep the time strictly.
    Please wear the ribbon for presenters on a place visible to others.
  • Poster Award (Minatomirai Award)
    The nomination committee will select the Poster Award. The award winners are announced in theSpecial Project Session 3, which is to be held from 18:30 on 26 October.

Poster Details

  • Poster panel size is 2100mm high & 900mm wide.
    The area excluding Poster Number section can be used.
  • Create your posters according to the following procedures.
  • Indicate title, name and affiliation of presenter in the uppermost section sized 200mm high & 700mm wide.
  • Poster dimension: 1500mm high & 900mm wide.
  • Place the Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure in the bottom section.
  • Poster Details



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