Convention Linkage, Inc.

Japan's Leading Communication Business Professionals

Convention Linkage, Inc. consists of professionals in the fields of face-to-face communication and international communication. Our achievements and experience are rich and varied, ranging from conferences of the United Nations and governments, to large-scale academic meetings, major events, and exhibitions.

We have received high acclaim from clients in various fields, who have concluded that we provide a fresh and creative service that achieves our motto of "the highest quality at the lowest cost."

Company Profile

Services of Convention Linkage, Inc.

Six Major Groups of Our Services

The Services of Convention Linkage, Inc. are grouped into six as shown in the diagram below. All of the service segments are correlated to one another to increase our knowledge and skills and to accumulate useful resources, which are used to produce a "great success" to the organizer and a "great impression" to each participant.

Six Services


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