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Our Facilities / Types of Facilities

Stadiums & Arenas

As one of Japan's leading venue management companies, Convention Linkage has managed numerous sporting events, concerts, theater and entertainment shows in our stadiums and arenas. By leveraging our extensive networks, we are able to put special focus on economic and cultural contributions to the local regions through our large-scale events.

Convention Facilities

Our convention facilities offer turnkey services and professional support for all kinds of events, including exhibitions, trade fairs, domestic and international conventions, and academic congresses. Top-class facilities offer an attractive selection of services we know will appeal to your guests. Combined with budget management for sound and audio-visual systems, we offer flexible plans with high-quality equipment and services to support the success of your event.

Culture & Art Spaces

Cultural facilities serve as a hub for the local community, where both amateur and professional performers can deliver musical shows, and theatrical presentations, etc. Backed by sound budget management and our history of attracting many world-renowned performers, we are also committed to contributing to the intellectual and cultural advancement of the venues' surrounding areas.

Community Facilities

Community facilities provide places where local residents can gather for recreational activities and social networking. These facilities are deeply rooted into the local community and provide grassroots exposure to Japan's smaller cities and towns. By organizing over 600 seminars and events in these local venues every year, we contribute to the collective welfare of the areas and residents as well as generate exposure for events across the country.

Industrial Support Facilities

Industrial support facilities serve to connect people, things and information and to establish new networks among people, businesses and culture. We manage these facilities for incubation and support which contribute to the development of local industries.

Multi-Purpose Complexes

These complexes generate vitality through functional overlapping and accelerate development of the community by attracting visitors from all around the world. By implementing these spaces, a variety of plans can be tailored to fit your event's exact needs.

Other Facilities

Convention Linkage directly manages convention facilities in major cities throughout Japan. We have pioneered a business model for profitable facility management through consultation with clients, using modern design processes and functional room allocation plans. Our facilities are designed for prime accessibility and usability of both organizers and visitors.