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It is an absolute delight to host the 15th Congress of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD 2016) in Japan.

The World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD) is an organization of academic societies with an aim of promoting oral health through developments in laser dentistry and dental care, and is comprised of 54 member countries worldwide. In addition to academic activities, the WFLD is also committed to educational activities in countries around the world, such as through training and lectures, for the purpose of disseminating safe and appropriate directions for the use of dental lasers.

The predecessor of the current WFLD is the International Society for Laser in Dentistry (ISLD) which was established in 1988. On August 5-6 of that year, the world’s first International Congress of Laser Dentistry was held in Tokyo, at which Hajime Yamamoto, professor emeritus at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, was appointed as the ISLD’s first president. The society has since been active as an international organization for laser dentistry. Later, the 8th ISLD Congress / 14th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry (JSLD) were held in Yokohama on July 31 – August 2, 2002, under the leadership of Isao Ishikawa, professor emeritus at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. WFLD 2016 marks the third congress to be held in Japan, and the first in 14 years. JSLD has also served as a full member of the WFLD.

The WFLD holds an international congress at a major city in the world once every two years. On this occasion of hosting the 15th Congress of the WFLD in Japan, we have adopted a theme of “Light to brighten the future” in an effort to move ahead from existing laser dentistry and dental care, and to look at new developments by extensively incorporating “light” into diagnosis and treatment. The planned program includes: 1. invited lectures, 2. symposiums, 3. workshops, 4. oral sessions and poster sessions, 5. exhibitions, and 6. seminars. The congress will bring together laser specialists in engineering and medical fields, including dentistry, from countries all around the world to deliver presentations on their latest scientific knowledge. It is hoped that the congress will also be an opportunity for further advancement of academic research activities and clinical improvement, as well as herald the beginning of new development of medical devices and new expansion of the industry in Japan.
We are sincerely looking forward to seeing all of you at the WFLD2016 in Japan.

Kenji Yoshida
Chairperson, WFLD 2016

Laser applications are in continuous progress in different fields of dentistry. Lasers are commonly used in daily dental practices for various indications. Different groups from all around the world are working with remarkable progress on scientific basic and clinical experiments in laser dentistry in the aim to make this technique scientifically relevant.

Our Federation, World Federation for Laser Dentistry, involves among its members: academicians, researchers and clinicians using all LASER wavelengths. WFLD is working for the advancement of knowledge, research, education and exchange of information in Laser Dentistry.
On behalf of the scientific committee of the congress, I invite you all to join us and together, our efforts will lead to a fruitful opportunity to extend our knowledge regarding the current trends and latest developments in laser dentistry.

Samir Nammour
Chairman, WFLD Congress 2016 International Scientific committee

Why you should attend In May 2007, World Health Organization, in the Geneva General Assembly, had recognised oral health is integral and essential of the General health. In recent years, there is a worldwide increase in people with chronic medical conditions, antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance, unhealthy lifestyle and age-related problems, has had a significant and increasing impact on dental care. The implications for dentistry means there is now a growing emphasis on the person's experience and acceptance of different treatments and their resultant health, However, the conventional dental treatment has always been associated with under-detection, anxiety, unpleasant experiences and dental avoidance.

One of the important advances is the diagnostic and therapeutic uses of Photonic techonology in dentistry. Photonic dentistry is unique, in scanning and treating many dental diseases, with promotion of tissue regeneration and patient's acceptance. Dental acceptance provides an important basis for early disease detection, effective interventions and continuing patient education. These characteristics have placed photonic technology in an ideal position to deliver optimal patient care, catering for the growing demands of the medicallycompromised and aging population, in the years to come.

According to the global dental equipment forecast(Grand View Research, GlobeNewswire, Nov2014), global dental lasers market is expected to grow at the fastest rate in the next 5 years. Therefore, more dentists and patients would experience the benefits of utilizing such technology. The contentious application of health technology such as Laser, without an accompanying knowledge of systems, social values and meanings is only as good as a piece of machine. Understanding the technology and the mechanism of its effectiveness is crucial in defining its underlying characteristic and ultimate benefits. This is made possible by the continual international exchange, dissemination of advancement based on scientific research and developments in health technology.

The Nagoya, Japan-World Federation for Laser Dentistry Congress(17th-19th July 2016) on one hand, is a powerful example of an interprofessional education, engages in cutting edge laser technology of the 21st century that can transform dentistry and deliver state-of-the-art patient care. On the other, it is a unique opportunity to learn the importance of inter-professional collaboration and teamwork to work toward an optimal oral health. The scientific and clinical evidence that will evolve from this meeting will strengthen the understanding towards benefits of the synergistically use of lasers technology with the conventional dentistry.

Another important aspect of such event is the chance to bring diversity into unity, for the exchanging of ideas; making new acquaintances and personal friendship; facilitating future collaborations among organizations, institutions and industries; and last but not least, visiting the beautiful city of Nagoya of Japan.

On behalf of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry-Asia Pacific Division, we cordially invite you to join us for this premium event in Nagoya-2016.

Ambrose Chan
Chairman, World Federation of Laser Dentistry, Asia Pacific