The registration fee includes participation in the scientific program, sponsored seminers, exhibition, welcome reception and lunches for 2 days. The fee for Gala Dinner is not included in the registration fee, and should be paid separately. All registration should be made through our website.

Online Registration Close: July 8, 2016

May 21, 2016
June 20, 2016
May 21, 2016
June 20, 2016
WFLD Member* JPY45,000 JPY50,000
WFLD Non-Member JPY50,000 JPY55,000
Co-Dental JPY20,000 JPY25,000
Undergraduate student JPY20,000 JPY25,000
Postgraduate Student JPY28,000 JPY30,000
Accompanying person JPY20,000

Gala Dinner *


*WFLD Member
1) Individual WFLD
2) WFLD Affiliated Society (Belgian Academy of Laser Therapy in Dental Medicine / Brazilian Association for Laser Dentistry / Bulgarian Dental laser Society(BDLS) / German Society for Laser Dentistry / Israel Society of Laser in Dentistry / Italian Society of Laser Dentistry / Iranian Medical Laser Association / Spanish Society of Lasers in Dentistry (SELO) / Polish Association for Laser Dentistry)
3) Japanese Society of Laser Dentistry

Become a WFLD member, please visit the official WFLD website.

*Gala Dinner: Tuesday, July 19, 2016


  • All registration fee must be paid in Japanese Yen by bank transfer or credit card.
  • Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry members must put your member ID on the page. WFLD Affiliated Society members must fax or email a valid member certification to the secretariat.
    FAX: +81-52-262-5084 E-mail:
  • Japanese Society for Laser dentistry members are required to select the "WFLD Member".
  • All students participating must fax or email a valid student ID to the secretariat FAX: +81-52-262-5084 E-mail:
  • Registration is required for abstract submission.
  • Registration is not complete without payment.

Inquiries for Registration

Secretariat, WFLD2016
c/o Convention Linkage, Inc.
Asahiseimei Bldg., 3-32-20, Sakae, Naka-ku,
Nagoya 460-0008, Japan
Fax: +81-52-262-5084


Anyone entering Japan must have a valid passport. In addition, participants from particular countries must have a visa issued by Japanese Emmbassy or Consulate Generals in their countries. Consult your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate Generals as to whether or not a visa is required. It could sometimes take more than a month to obtain a visa. For general information on visas, visit the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at:


  • A letter of invitation will be issued after registration and payment are completed.
  • The letter of invitation for VISA application does not provide finnancial support.