Instructions for Presenting Authors

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

An “Oral Research Presentation” should be a report of a scientific or clinical investigation.
Each speaker will be allowed a total time of 15 minutes, with 10 minutes for the formal presentation and 5 minutes for questions/discussion.

The presenters who are the canditates for awards will be evaluated both during their presentations and by asseessing the submitted abstract.

1. Presentation Style

Your presentation must be in English. Please operate the presentation PC set at the podium.

2. Presentation Data

[Data format]

1. MS Power Point (Windows ver. 2003 or newer)

  • Please use the Windows standard fonts
  • Sound & video can be inserted to the slideshow. (Data format must be informed)

2. Resolution is XGA(1,024 x 768)

  • Using of higher resolution may result in various projection trouble

3. Please bring your back-up data with you for data trouble. The data installed to our Secretariat PC will be completely deleted by the secretariat after the meeting.

4. Put (1)Session Title (2)Your Name at the beginning of your filename

5. Please *check in your presentation data on-site

  • Use "USB Flash" or "CD-R". We cannot accept Zip, FD and MD.

6. Followings are unable to use for your presentation:

  • 35mm Slides
  • OHP
  • Videotape

*If you need to use Macintosh for your presentation, please bring in your own machine.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

This schema shows the prescribed size of the of board for putting up the poster. 
Presenter on the top of right corner of the poster.

The poster board (H2100mm x W900mm) is set in the poster session room. Please make sure that your poster fits the posting space shown below (H1900mm x W900mm). Be sure to include the title of the abstract, affiliations and a picture of the presenter should be at the top right corner of your poster.
A 200mm x 200mm sign designating your poster number will be prepared by secretariat and postioned in the upper left hand corner of the board.
The secretariat shall provide push pins to mount your poster.

Poster presenters are required to stand by their posters, and be ready for discussion during the poster session.


Sunday, July 17 8:00-10:00 Poster set up by presenters
Monday, July 18 15:20-16:00 Poster Session
Tuesday, July 19 12:00-14:00 Removal of posters by presenters

Posters must be put up before 10:00 a.m. on the first day (July 17) and in principle, it should remain on display until 12:00 p.m. on the third day (July 19).
In particular, with reference to the presenters who applied for the awards, it is mandatory that the poster must be on display no later 10:00 a.m. in the morning, because the primary evaluation will be carried out on the first day (July 17). In addition, the secondary evaluation will be performed to the posters that passed through the first screening during the free discussion (about 1hour) on the second day (July 18).


  • Oral presentations will be evaluated during the presentation.
  • Evaluation of the poster presentations consists of 2 stages; the primary evaluation on the first day (July 17), and the secondary evaluation on the second day (July 18). Participation in the free discussion (about 1hour) is required.
  • Announcement of winners and the award ceremony will be at the closing ceremony, which will be held on the third day (12:00-13:00, July 19).