The 53rd Japanese Occupational Therapy Congress & Expo in Fukuoka 2019

For Presenters

Oral Presentation

1.Submitting Data

  1. Please visit the Speakers' Desk(PC Desk) to submit your presentation data at least 1 hour before your scheduled session. Morning session presenters are advised to come to the Speakers' Desk(PC Desk) at your earliest convenience, as the Desk could be quite busy in the morning.

    *Desk opening hours

    Friday, 6 September 8:30-15:50 Fukuoka International
    Congress Center
    2F Lobby
    Saturday, 7 September 8:00-15:50
    Sunday, 8 September 8:30-9:40
  2. Please be seated at the designated "Next Speaker's Seat" 10 minutes before your presentation.

2.Time Keeping

  1. The time allocated to each oral presentation is 7 minutes to present and 3 minutes for Q&A, for a total of 10 minutes. The bell will ring at the last 1 minute and the end.
  2. A LCD monitor, a pad, a keyboard, a mouse, and a pointer are provided on the podium. Speakers are requested to operate these by themselves.
  3. Please refrain from the simultaneous animation delivery on SNS.

3.Preparing Data Upon preparing your presentation data, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Computers in each room are OS: Windows 10, installed with the software: Office PowerPoint 2010,2013,2016. Create or edit your presentation data using Windows PowerPoint. The venue does not prepare the Macintosh. Please do not use your own computer.
  2. Only computers can be used for the presentation. OHP or video cannot be used.
  3. Please use the following fonts to avoid character corruption:
    Arial, Times New Roman, Century, Century Gothic
  4. Please save only presentation data to USB flash memory, and make sure you conduct the virus check. Prior to submitting your data, make sure the presentation can be played using other computers other than your own computer.
  5. Define the name of your presentation file as follows: [Paper Number-Your Name-Affiliation]
  6. Insert the Conflicts of Interests (COI) slide ( in your presentation.
  7. Make sure you prepare and bring backup of the presentation data on CD-R or DVD-R. When using a CD-R/ DVD-R, make sure it is finalized (i.e. closing the ongoing session) when copying your presentation file to CD-R/ DVD-R. Otherwise the presentation file on the CD-R/ DVD-R can not be opened on other computers.
  8. Due to limited time, please do not use movies and PowerPoint presentation tools such as animation.
  9. The organizer will make sure to delete your presentation file copied in the computer after the congress

Poster Presentation

Reception of poster presentation

  1. After completing congress registraion, please post it on the poster presentation venue by 10:00. Please do reception of poster presentation by 13:00 on your presentation day. Please see the schedule below.

    *Desk opening hours

    September,6th (Fri) 9:00~13:00 Fukuoka International
    Congress Center
    ・2F Multipurpose Hall
    September,7th (Sat) 9:00~13:00
    Presenters are required to the early bird registration (full day participation).Single day participation is not available.

Set-up schedule

  1. Please stand in front of your poster at least 10 minutes before your presentation.

    *Desk opening hours

    Day Set-up Removal Where
    September,6th (Fri) 9:00~10:00 18:00~18:30 Fukuoka International
    Congress Center
    ・2F Multipurpose Hall
    September,7th (Sat) 9:00~10:00 17:30~18:00
  2. Posters left after this time will be removed by the congress secretariat.

Preparing the poster

  1. Refer to the image below and prepare your poster. Presenters are required to prepare the title, affiliation, name, and the body. The congress venue provides the following items
  2. Insert the Conflicts of Interests (COI) slide ( in the right bottom of your poster.
  3. The congress venue provides the following items
    • Poster Panel : 1 panel each
    • Poster number on the panel
    • Photograph permission sticker (yes/no)
    • Thumbtacks/pins