The 60th Spring Meeting of The Japanese Society of Periodontology

Instructions for Presenting Authors

Guidelines for International Oral Sessions

Each presentation in the International Oral Session is scheduled for 10 minutes (7 minutes for presentation + 3 minutes for discussion). You are requested to sit in the “next speaker seats” located at the front of the oral session room at least 10 minutes before your presentation begins.

1. Presentation Style

Your presentation must be in English. Please use the presentation PC (remote mouse) at the podium.
Your presentation file will be set to slideshow mode as you walk up to the stage.
You are requested to come to the “PC Desk” (Congress Center, 2F Lobby) at least 30 minutes prior to your session.
Please bring your presentation on a USB flash memory stick or CD-ROM.

2. Presentation File

  • MS PowerPoint (Windows ver. 2003,2007 or 2010)
    *Please use Windows standard fonts.
    *Sound & video are not available.
  • Resolution is XGA (1,024 x 768).
    *Use of higher resolution may result in projection problems.
  • Please bring a back-up file with you in case of problems.
    The file installed on our Secretariat PC will be deleted after the meeting.
  • Include Session Title and Your Name at the beginning of the filename.
  • Please check in with your presentation file on-site.
    *Use “USB Flash” or “CD-R”. We cannot accept ZIP, FD and MD.

If you need to use a Macintosh for your presentation, please bring your own machine.

Conflict of Interest (COI) is requested to be disclosed on the second slide of the presentation, following the title/author slide.
Please download a sample slide from the JSP home page.

Guidelines for Poster Session

1. Presentation of Poster

A poster board (height 2,100 mm × width 900 mm) will be available in the Poster session room.
Please make sure that your poster fits a space of height 1,900 × width 900. Include the title of the abstract, authors and affiliations, centered at the top of your poster.
A 200 mm × 200 mm sign showing your poster number will be prepared by the secretariat and positioned in the upper left-hand corner of the board.
The secretariat will provide push pins for mounting of your poster.
Conflict of Interest (COI) is requested to be disclosed in the lower part of the poster.


2. Presentation Style

Poster presenters are required to stand by their posters and to be ready for discussion during the poster session.
Please set up your poster in the morning on May 12th.
Poster removal should be completed in the late afternoon on May 12th.
Posters that are not removed by the authors will be disposed of by the secretariat.

3. Schedule

* Under construction