The 1st JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research

Call for Abstracts

Important Notice

When submitting your abstract(s), the presenting author and co-authors are all required to disclose their Conflicts of Interest (COI). Co-authors who failed to disclose the status of COI will be excluded from the author list in the abstract(s). COI disclosure request message will be sent to all the co-authors upon the completion of abstract submission.
For more details, please refer to the website " COI Submission".
Please be reminded that the deadline for COI submission is October 31, 2017.

1.Deadline for Abstract Submission

We deeply appreciate for Submitting Abstracts.

Abstract Submission has closed.

2.How to Submit Your Abstract

(1) Abstracts must be written in English.
     Onsite presentations must be performed in English.
(2) Body of the Abstract
The body of the abstract (excluding title, author's name, and organizational affiliation) must be 260 words or less in English.
Chart or delineation cannot be included.
(3) Presentation style of Regular Abstracts is categorized as follows.
  • ·Award Session (Oral Presentation)
    * Presenters for the Award Session will be selected after careful review.
  • ·Poster Presentation
(4) Modification of abstract is possible within the abstract registration period.
(5) Title, affiliation, author’s name, and text of the accepted abstract will be posted in the abstract book just as the data upon submission.

3.Category of Abstract

When submitting abstract, please select the category corresponding to your abstract up to the 3rd choice.

  • 1.Angiogenesis
  • 2.Atherosclerosis/Thromboembolism
  • 3.Aging
  • 4.Aortopathies
  • 5.Autonomic Nervous System
  • 6.Autophagy and Cell Death
  • 7.Calcium Handling and Sarcomere
  • 8.Cardiac Hypertrophy and Function
  • 9.Cardiomyopathy
  • 10.Development and Differentiation
  • 11.Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome/Lipid Disorders
  • 12.Drug Discovery/Translational Research
  • 13.Protein Structure and Function
  • 14.Genetics and Epigenetics/Omic Technologies
  • 15.Heart Failures
  • 16.Hypertension/Kidney
  • 17.Inflammation and Fibrosis
  • 18.Ion Channels and Arrhythmia
  • 19.iPS/Tissue Engineering/Regeneration
  • 20.Metabolism (Cardiac and Vascular)
  • 21.Mitochondria/Organelles
  • 22.Oxidative Stress and Ischemia
  • 23.Pulmonary Hypertension
  • 24.Receptor Biology/Intracellular Signaling
  • 25.Transcription and RNA Biology
  • 26.Gene Therapy/Cell Therapy
  • 27.Others

4.Eligibility for submission

Being a member of JCS is not a requirement for paper submissions.

Those who apply for the Award Session must be members of JCS.

5.Award Session

The nominees of the Award Session will be selected based on the review results.Reviewers will be appointed by the Congress President.

Based on the quality of the (oral) presentation and its impact on the studies and research given at the congress, the following awards will be presented.

Excellence Award:
1.Gold Medal:
200,000 Yen (1 applicant)
2.Silver Medal:
150,000 Yen (1 applicant)
3.Bronze Medal:
100,000 Yen (3 applicants)

6.Conflicts of Interest

When submitting an abstract, the Presenting Author and all the co-presenters are required to check whether there are any conflicts of interest with a company or for-profit group related to the subject of the presentation. If there is a COI, you should disclose the status of the COI for the past three years on the COI Self-Disclosure Form.
For more details, please access the following website " COI Submission" and check whether there is a COI related to your presentation.
Please also disclose your status of the COI during your presentation at the annual meeting (either slide or poster presentations).
Please refer to the following Detailed Regulations for more information:「COI Submission」

7.Abstract Submission

8.Notification of Receipt and Acceptance of Abstracts

Notification will be sent to you by email in late November, 2017. We recommend you to register your email address other than free mail address. The notice may not be sent to you successfully if you register free mail address.

If you wish to withdraw an abstract, we will accept withdrawal requests up to two months prior to the first day of the conference session (i.e. November 6, 2017).
As of November 7,2017, withdrawals will not be possible, since the abstract will be treated as an academic presentation/achievement as of that date.

9.Acceptance Results

The final decision to accept or reject the submitted abstracts will be made by the Congress Chairperson, and based on the reviews of judges delegated by the Congress Chairperson.