Useful information for participants

Hello dear APWSS participants! Is everything ready for your journey? As an on-site committee member, I would like to show you briefly how to get to the venue after arriving in Kyoto.

1. Climate

I hope the climate of late September in Kyoto will be comfortable for most people. The daily maximum temperature rarely exceeds 30℃, and the minimum is 15-20℃ (at night). Rain? Yes, sometimes, but you can buy a plastic umbrella at \500 or less anywhere. Our only concern is that the risk of a typhoon hit might not be disappeared completely: please check a broad area weather news before you leave your country.

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2. Kyoto Station, Kyoto Tower, and useful shops

Whether entering via Osaka (Kansai or Itami), Nagoya (Chubu Centrair), or Tokyo (Narita) Airports, Japan Railway (JR) Kyoto Station is the entrance as well as a transport hub of Kyoto City. The railway station nearest to the APWSS venue is just one stop (a few minutes) from there.
So, let me show this easiest way only, although there will be many other possible ways depending on where your hotel is located.

The south side of Kyoto Station. The airport limousines arrive here (some of them then go further to the city center). The Shinkansen (JR super express) tracks are also situated near this side in the building. If you are going to take a taxi, a taxi stand is just on the side of the station building. If you are going to transfer between trains/buses, I suggest to go down to the underground level from any entrance as soon as possible, because directions are better-guided for pedestrians.
The north side of Kyoto Station. It’s a huge building consists of railway and subway stations, Hotel Granvia, Isetan department store and underground malls. If you forgot to bring some of your gadgets, remember that one of the biggest computer shop in the city, BIC Camera, is just next (west) to the station.
Kyoto Tower in front of the station is a good landmark in the area. Another big computer shop, Yodobashi Camera, is next (north) to the tower building, and a very useful 100-yen shop is in the underground level of the Yodobashi (directly accessible from the underground level of Kyoto Station).

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3. Prepaid card for public transportation & IC gate

Upon arriving in Kyoto, what should you do first? I would personally recommend to purchase a KANSAI ONE PASS card. It is a rechargeable prepaid IC card that is good for short-distance train/bus ridings anywhere in the Kansai area (but NOT for taxi, airport limousine or express trains). It’s a visitor’s version of the ICOCA card which almost every resident in the area holds. The initial price of \2000 is the sum of usable \1500 and unusable \500 deposit (refundable by giving back the card). Check this site for detail.
The Kansai One Pass card is not available through automatic ticket vending machines.
In the JR Kyoto Station, you can buy it at the ticket office near the north aboveground ticket gate (seek the green "Tickets" signboard in this photo). You can also buy it at the JR ticket office in the Kansai Airport complex. Upon purchase you will be requested to show your passport.
Ticket gate looks like this. DO NOT insert your Kansai One Pass card into the slot: it’s only for ordinary railway tickets. Instead, just touch the blue square with the card. The residual amount in your card will be shown in a small display one step ahead. When it becomes too small (say, \500 or lower), charge an additional amount at any ticket vending machines in stations (you can select language by touching the display). For fixed-price buses circulating in the city, touch a similar panel only when you get off.
Just a tip: you can use your Kansai One Pass card to buy a drink from vending machines in railway stations: first select, and then touch the “IC” mark with the card.

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4. How to get to the APWSS venue by train

Now, are you ready to start for the conference venue? This is the north ticket gate of Kyoto Station. Go through the gate with your Kansai One Pass card (or an ordinary ticket), and follow arrows showing the track no. 32/33.
It is somewhat tricky that tracks in Kyoto Station are numbered from the north to the south, while only the tracks 32/33 are extras (?) and are situated in the north-west corner in the station.
Take any local (ordinary) train from the track 32 or 33. They leave at 15-20 min. intervals. Destination doesn’t matter, but confirm the “Local” sign on the board and be sure not to take a “Rapid” or “Express” that will take you a long journey to elsewhere!
Get off at the very next stop, Tambaguchi. It’s a small station.
As you get out of the station you will face Gojo Street. Don’t cross it, just check the map.
Kyoto Research Park is 4-6 min. by walk.
"Kyoto Research Park" bus stop. Go by here, unless you need to buy something to wear at UNIQLO.
Find a MOS BURGER on the corner, cross the road, turn left (to the south), then you have almost arrived…

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5. This is the venue: Kyoto Research Park (KRP)

This is the BLDG. No. 4 of the Kyoto Research Park (KRP) where we are waiting for you for registration!
A convenience shop is in the first (ground) floor. Please go downstairs to visit the APWSS registration counter.
The welcome reception and poster exhibition will be held in another building on the opposite side of the street. WE REQUEST ALL THE PARTICIPANTS TO CROSS THE STREET THROUGH THE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING (ZEBRA ZONE) ONLY.

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6. One more thing…

Are you the type of person who feels Starbucks like an oasis? Then, return to Gojo Street and look left. There are two Starbucks at only a 100-m distance with each other on the same street! This is the nearer one.

Now do you feel familiar with the place? We are looking forward to seeing you soon. A safe journey!

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7. Useful links