Greetings and Conference updates

Photo:Hiroshi Matsumoto
Hiroshi Matsumoto

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my pleasure and great honor to invite you to attend the 26th Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference (APWSS 2017) Kyoto, to be held on September 19-22, 2017. The theme of the conference is "Weed Science for People, Agriculture, and Nature."

Weed science is a comprehensive research area that covers ecology, biology and chemistry related to weed control and management. Weed science is nowadays an advanced science that is closely linked to human societies. We should use interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach to address future weed science and management. I assure you that attending the 26th APWSS conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet experts in weed science and the respective fields and learn to apply your new-found knowledge when you return home.

The host city, Kyoto, is the ancient capital of Japan and is recognized worldwide as the country’s historical, cultural and spiritual heart. The city offers you numerous cultural and unique experiences with its countless shrines, temples, and architectural masterpieces including 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. Mid-September is one of the best times to visit Kyoto. We suggest you to take a nice walk and to enjoy the streets and local sightseeing spots before and after attending the conference.

We look forward to welcoming you in Kyoto, September 2017!

sign:Hiroshi Matsumoto
Hiroshi Matsumoto
Chairperson, the 26th Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference (APWSS2017)
President, Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society
Professor, University of Tsukuba

Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society (APWSS) – 50 years Celebratinons

Golden Jubilee Conference, 26th APWSS Conference, Kyoto, Japan

We, the members of the Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society are proud to commemorate 50 years of existence as a professional society at this forthcoming Conference in Kyoto, Japan.
Fifty years ago, during June 12 to 22, in 1967, a group of scientists got together at the East-West Centre, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, under the banner "Weed Control Basic to Agriculture Development, Asian-Pacific Interchange".
At the last day of the "Interchange", at the Prince Kuhio Hotel at Poipu on Kauai, APWSS was born.
The elected first Executive Committee, with Dr. Marcos Vega from Philippines becoming the first President, the Society was given a mandate to:

"…Promote the scientific discipline of weed control, particularly in the Asian and Pacific Regions, by pooling and exchanging information on all aspects of Weed Science…" and
"…become a major, regional Weed Science Society…"

As with any group, as diverse and far-flung as in the Asian-Pacific region, advances in weed management have not come automatically and consistently.
The Society, relying on the energies of its individual members, has had to work hard to maintain relevance and momentum. The proof our relevance is evident in 50 years of existence and the continuing success of information-filled APWSS Conferences, which have now reached 26 in number, over that period.
This Golden Jubilee Conference, in Kyoto, Japan, aims to continue the tradition, building on the solidly-established base of member countries and individual members.
Please join us to have an impact on the growth of the Society, international collaboration; more importantly, be part of the 'inter-change' of Weed Science information – as foreseen by our forefathers!

Dr. Nimal Chandrasena (Former General Secretary, APWSS, 2009-11)
Dr. A. N. Rao (Current General Secretary, APWSS)
Dr. Hiroshi Matsumoto (Chairperson, 26th APWSS)