Welcome Remarks

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of international and domestic organizing committee of Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation (ACTA), we welcome you to the 2nd ACTA meeting on October 30 (Friday) and 31 (Saturday), 2015, in Fukuoka, Japan.

Our issue, "Interventional Tumor Ablation with Minimum Invasive Percutaneous, Intra-arterial and Surgical Approach" is an important technique for human cancer management. Taking a backward glance, the starting point of ACTA was the 1st Japan-Korea Image-guided Tumor Ablation Meeting in Tokyo, Japan in 2009. After successful 3rd J-K meeting in Soul, Korea in 2013, we extended this meeting across Asian countries and renamed it as Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation, and 1st ACTA meeting was successfully held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014 with over 200 attendee from over 10 countries in East and South Asia.

In the 2nd ACTA meeting, distinguished guests, experts and colleagues from everywhere in the Asia and Western countries will generate 2nd ACTA including Keynote Lectures, Asian Summit Forum, Meet the Experts Video Forum, Case Contest and Conference and Plenary Lectures concerning radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation, cryo-ablation and novel intra-arterial technique for liver tumors and tumors beyond the liver such as lung, kidney, thyroid and other organs. Important free paper and posters will also be presented at the congress.

City of Fukuoka is located on the northern coast of Kyushu island, and is also close to every Asian city. Fukuoka was an attractive and beautiful city of traditional and modern culture with fine food. It will be a good opportunity to satisfy your scientific and social interest with us.

I am looking forward to enjoying the state of art in Asian ablation field and having great memories in the 2nd ACTA with you.

Masatoshi Tanaka MD
Hosting Chairman, ACTA 2015
Yokokura Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan


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