International Conference on Stracturak Genomics 2013

Japanese Culture Programs & City Walk Tour (For Accompanying Person)

Programs to provide voluntary services, such as Japanese Culture Programs and City Walk Tour are available according to your needs, allowing companions of convention participants to stay in Sapporo without anxiety and fully enjoy their time in Japan.

City Walk Tour

7/29 13:00-16:00

The volunteer guide will introduce you to the city and its sightseeing spots.

Admission free

Odori Park
The Sapporo Clock Tower
Nijo Fish Market

Japanese Culture Programs

Japanese culture experience programs include kimono, tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy. The programs are available for small groups and are very popular among participants.

1. Kimono Wearing
7/30 9:00〜11:00・Course Number A

A chance is provided for both males and females to try on traditional Japanese clothing, taking a look at the art of putting on a kimono plus the history and culture behind its origin. Simple step-by-step instructions allow even a novice to wear the intricate silk gowns with dignity, and the resulting photographs will surely serve as a unique reminder of your time in Japan.


2. Japanese Tea Ceremony (Sado)
7/30 11:00〜12:30・Course Number B

Japanese green tea actually originated in China and was brought to Japan in the 12th century, where it developed into a ceremony that has become one of the country’s traditional art forms. Learn a little of the history behind sado, or the way of tea, and join in a ceremony dedicated to the making and drinking of this Zen-influenced drink.


3. Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ikebana)
7/31 10:00〜11:00・Course Number C

Ikebana originates from early Buddhist teachings and places emphasis on the balance of the floral designs with respect to the vessel and the entire surrounding space, rather than just on the arrangement of the flowers themselves. There are many schools of thought in the art of Japanese flower arranging, but by viewing even a single example you can grasp the basic common features of ikebana and experience a deep sense of spirituality.


4. Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo)
8/1 9:00〜10:00・Course Number D

More than just a form of calligraphy, shodo can be said to be an art form created by the contrast between black and white. Learn about the balance of the characters, graduations of ink, and subtle differences in brush strokes, while creating your own works of Japanese literary art.


Application / Deadline: July 12th, 2013
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